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Our review team began its work on TeleLanguage review after we got 13+ requests asking us to research this firm. We always strive to deliver what our visitors want, so we dived into TeleLanguage and tested it in every way possible both as reviewers and as clients. Here’s what we’ve discovered.

This company has been operating since 1991. 30 years of experience is an impressive result, so for those who wonder, “ is it reliable?”, the answer is yes. It’s a real agency that employs 6000+ translators speaking in 350 languages. It works every day 24/7, and while clients all over the world order online services, TeleLanguage also has a physical office in Portland. What makes the firm stand out is its focus on interpretation. It offers general translation help, too, but interpretation is the core of its services. Client reviews are mixed: there are both positive and negative outlooks, so it’s difficult to make any conclusions just on their basis. That was one more reason why our reviewers delved deeper and placed a sample order.

Checking Available Services and Their Diversity for TeleLanguage Review

When we look for the best human translation services, we tend to start with an overview of services. There are thousands of people interested in translation who might contact this company, and they should know whether their demand can be met here. TeleLanguage works with a huge number of languages, which is great — with 350 of them, you can pick even the rarest combinations. As for the services, they are limited because the agency chose a narrow specialty, and it sticks to it for the most part. You could order translation of documents, but as the website and other Tele Language reviews point out, interpretation is the basis of this service. Here are the types you could order:

  • Phone interpretation. If you need an experienced translator close when you’re calling someone, TeleLanguage could help.
  • On-site translation. Since the company employs people in different countries, some of them could accompany you to physical meetings.
  • Video help. For those who use Skype and want a translator nearby, video interpretation is a great option.
  • Zoom remote meetings. Businesses often organize online meetings between groups of people, including internationally. TeleLanguage has a special Zoom category for clients like this.

Our review experts decided to ask for both document translation and video interpretation because we wanted to see how the firm operates in different sectors. Both review orders were pretty small: the video call belonged to a healthcare sphere while the translation was for a financial report. The deadline for both was 20 days, and reviewers eagerly waited for results.

Prices & Add Ons

Numerous TeleLanguage reviews complained about the lack of pricing options on the website. It’s a valid problem. Usually, respectable firms that have been working for a long time don’t hide how much they charge their clients. If someone is interested in medical translation services, and they want them ASAP, they have no desire to waste their time asking for a price quote. Waiting for an answer could take hours, and you’ll be stuck in a state of uncertainty. This is a frustrating feeling, so we didn’t like this practice of TeleLanguage. Expert reviewers found out how much you might have to pay only through our own experience.

Our translation cost $0.20 for one word. This is a very high price that exceeds the market average by a lot, so it affected an opinion of our TeleLanguage review team negatively. An interpretation was $3 for 1 minute of conversation. Once again, this is a high price that we weren’t happy with. No extra services are offered, but as a client, you can count on getting a great level of assistance. You’ll be provided with materials, suggestions, technology, and other things relevant to your order.

Level of Quality and Client Satisfaction

As reviews show, customers are only partly satisfied. Some cooperate with this company for years, but others complain about accuracy and occasional problems with online connection. After our review team presented ourselves as clients, we got an equally mixed impression because while we were pleased with interpretation, translation was far from perfect.

By the time our reviewers had to make a video call, our interpreter contacted us. She was friendly yet professional, and she translated everything just the way it was supposed to sound. The experts we had in our room confirmed that she didn’t make any mistakes and demonstrated great results. But our review included document translation, too, and unfortunately, it had a lot of mistakes. It felt like a machine kind of work since the style was too dry and automatic. Context was wrong in too many places, some words were mixed up, and a few sentences were removed altogether. We asked for revision, but we had to go back and forth for days until the managers approved our request. In the end, the final version of our order was late by 3 days, and even then, translation wasn’t flawless. That’s why we were partly pleased, partly disappointed.

Strengths and Weaknesses: What We Witnessed

If you don’t want to read a detailed review of TeleLanguage, just take a look at the points below. We created a list with pros and cons a service has based on our observations. It’ll help you understand what to expect and how to set your priorities.


  • Amazing language diversity. With more than 300 languages covered, TeleLanguage is a great option for those who need help in some rare language. This is one of its strongest sides.
  • Different kinds of interpretation. You could order audio, video, on-site, or Zoom interpretation. This company meets all such needs.
  • Professional interpreters. The quality of interpretations is top tier. People working for know what they’re doing and help understand conversations in a simple and unobtrusive manner.


  • Flawed textual translations. Unfortunately, TeleLanguage doesn’t cope with textual translations as well as it does with interpretations. We asked for Arabic adaptation for our financial report: we’ve already tested professional Arabic translation services before, so we could make direct comparisons. The text had low quality and traces of machine work. Revisions improve results, but some mistakes remain.
  • There is no online chat in this agency. You cannot ask for help right away because chat isn’t available. The company gives its clients a chance to visit its physical office or leave a message with contact details. Managers respond pretty quickly, but you’ll still be wasting valuable minutes when waiting for their replies.
  • Inflated prices. The services at TeleLanguage are very expensive. This concerns both translation and interpretation. There are way cheaper agencies in this market, even if they might have a smaller experience.

Conclusion to Tele Language Review and Our Final Impression

We tested TeleLanguage from different sides, checking how well it performs and whether customers can really trust it. In the end, our impression is neutral. This is an experienced agency that provides excellent interpretation and a bunch of other useful options. Its translations, on the other hand, aren’t as good, and not every person will be able to afford its prices. With a lack of chat, communication process can take a long time.

Before deciding on whether you should hire TeleLanguage, read through our findings and keep them in mind. PickWriters keeps exploring translation industry every day. If you need professional Korean translation services, medical language assistance, or any other kind of help, read our reviews — they’ll help you make a safe choice!

16 customer reviews of


doesn't recommended this service

Positive: ----

Negative: It was evident that the translator did not have a deep understanding of the subject matter. But they have promised me a medical translator.

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recommended this service

Positive: //

Negative: Has anyone already received a refund from this service for a terrible translation? I don't know where to turn anymore... their support team doesn't respond to my messages... I'm very sorry that I paid money for such poor quality services...

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: The translation was done very poorly and they refused to refund the money. a service with a good reputation never allows itself such things. learn to respect your customers may someday you will have more of them. although I very much doubt it!

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Kenan commented:

I hired their interpreter for my Skype meeting. He looked like it was his first time - embarrassed and not confident

Zaine commented:

I see no reason for me to rehire them for another of my project. They've revealed themselves and I'm happy they did it early.

Kurtis commented:

their website is user-friendly but their translators are not really friendly. The translator that worked on my document was kinda rude…

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