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Planning Text Master Review

When people look for a quality translation website, they seek reviews and opinions of others. They are interested in companies’ performance with an aim to determine whether they can trust a specific one or if they should look elsewhere. This way, we learned that many visitors have grown interested in Textmaster, a translation service known for the heavy use of technology in its work. To compose TextMster review and its credibility, our expert team began our research. Our first question was, is Textmaster a scam? It’s a legit company that has been assisting its customers for many years. The second question concerned the quality of its services, and to find an answer, we conducted research and placed our own order.

As we discovered, Textmaster was founded in 2011 as an entirely online-based service that hires translators from all over the world to ensure their professional diversity. Becoming a part of Acolad group, it also received certification and is compliant with the ISO standard 9001:2015. The information about its management team is published right on the site, accompanied by photos. We liked this fact because it increases trustworthiness. Its site looks good, too, with a smart combination of light colors and informative sections. The main page was written fluently — others, on the other hand, have some issues that could be corrected with solid proofreading. This is where we began to hesitate because if cannot make its own marketing content flawless, how efficient is it at helping others? Before writing our review, we asked for translation of 6 pages of content in the sphere of marketing, setting a 2-weeks deadline.

Services Offered

Textmaster agency works with about 50 languages. That’s not a big number, which negatively affects the scale of usefulness of the company, but considering that it works on a purely online basis, that was not surprising. We believe that it’s better to apply a narrow focus and do it in an effective way rather than try to cover all languages at once without having sufficiently qualified experts. So, this fact didn’t affect our Text Master review. There’s a wide range of services provided, and they are divided into three categories: translation, content writing, as well as proofreading. Translation is offered for different industries. You could ask for technical, legal, marketing, business, and even for luxury brands. Video adaptation and subtitling service is also offered, so whatever you need assistance with, you’re going to find it. SEO, fashion, and travel content could be written for you — all you need is to clarify your requirements. Needless to say, the agency has grown in our eyes after we explored each of these options because such specialization is a great thing for the customers.

Text Master has invested heavily in research and development of various tools. Translation Memory and Translation Glossary are some of the most commonly applied technology utilized by its employees. The former skims submitted documents, keeping a data repository of all information to maintain consistency in the pattern. All material entered into the system is shareable by another user through the cloud system. It means that multiple individuals in different locations can work on a single document. Translation Glossary is a tool that provides a database of terminology to also let language experts keep a certain consistency level, especially when it comes to industry sensitive material.

Post Editor is another proprietary tool launched by TextMaster that uses machine translation to do quick superficial work on the project before a linguist takes over, making it readable and removing all errors. It has the capacity to read through projects written in various languages. Overall, we were skeptical of this option because machine-prepared text can’t be good, so no proofreader could change that.

Finally, Textmaster allows its clients to use different interfaces depending on their preferences. Through its API, customers can utilize the in-house plugins that have been developed by Textmaster’s IT team. It also allows coping with a large number of documents in PDF, converting them to texts or brochures and delivering translated material in the desired format. This option is an undeniable advantage.

Prices and Add-ons

Translation costs per word depend on many factors, such as the pair of chosen languages, services level, deadline. Textmaster displays its prices on its website, which is an advantage we appreciated. They start at $0.09 and reach $0.18. Rush orders require extra fees, just as proofreading. They both cost $0.044 for one word. These prices fall into the market average, so we also consider them an advantage.

Quality of Textmaster Translations

Extensive usage of technology can affect content quality. While machines are generally more accurate than human translators, the final results may be ambiguous and not comprehensive for the intended audience. It all depends on industry. Ours was marketing, so it required a more creative input. The order arrived late, even though we’ve set a pretty long deadline. First, online support contacted us and asked for a 10-hour extension, explaining that the translator had an emergency. Human factor is an inherent part of such work, so we agreed. They could always find another specialist. After 10 hours, Textmaster requested another 10-hour extension. Finally, after 3 more hours, we got our file.

Unfortunately, the quality was mostly lacking. A small technical part of the document was flawless — our expert praised it highly, but the marketing content sounded dry, barely understandable, and uninspiring, losing humor and sarcasm that were in original. We asked for revision, but no major changes had been made — the document remained flawed.

Pros & Cons

For you to form a clearer opinion, let’s summarize pros and cons in our Textmaster review.


  • Textmaster has a rigorous recruitment policy.
  • Affordable prices.
  • Translation technology they use can sift through large quantities of material, allowing it to be translated in a shorter period.
  • Technical translation is excellent.
  • Many services are available.
  • Support team is friendly.


  • Translation involves heavy technology even when human touch is needed. As a result, quality suffers.
  • The firm charges extra for professional translators, which is what other Textmaster reviews complained about.
  • Deadlines aren’t always maintained.
  • When the document is sent in a non-editable format, TextMaster website charges an extra fee for text extraction.

Summary of Our Review

Looking at our experience as a whole, it’s clear that Textmaster strives to correspond to industry standards in many ways. Unfortunately, it doesn’t succeed entirely. While it appears to excel in technical projects, more creative ones suffer due to insufficient quality and expertise. The prices are adequate and there are many services offered, but their efficiency is debatable. So, is Textmaster legit? This is an agency you can use for technical translation, but if your project is from another industry, we suggest looking for another firm. This one still has to work on improving its services.

4 customer reviews of


doesn't recommended this service

Positive: big projects

Negative: Stay away! Scammer Acolad, Textmaster I would like to warn translators, as well as potential customets of the ACOLAD (also calledTextmaster, “Technicis”, Technicisgroup, Telelingua) translation agency represented by Anne-Laure Hauck, that this company is a scammer, a non-payer, and also provides poor-quality services, and sometimes just Google translation! How do I know that? I worked for this company 1,5 month. First I completed the text translation, which was accepted and I was hired. After that, I have received translation requests and provided translations. The first five big projects were accepted and paid with a delay. Later I received two new translation requests for a much larger volume and at the finish I was asked to complete one more. Immediately after receiving the last translation, the managers began to assure me that the translation was terrible, so there would be fines. But the fact is that I worked very carefully, absolutely correct, the text were not complicated and contained the same lexis as the previous projects, namely the description of the goods, such as "children's furniture, pink." Nevertheless, all my three huge works (in total about 200K words!) цere immediately removed from my profil so that I did not even have access to them !!! In addition, it turned out that the indicated file volume does not match the present. For example, a file with 7,000 words, in fact 43,000 words with delivery time 2 days, the text with the indicated volume 50 words obviously was at least 250 words. At first Anne-Laure Hauck, Head of Production, promised to pay until the end of the summer, and at the end of August she simply began to ignore it. After my promise to blacklist them, she replied that they could not pay, because the “German woman” said that the quality was terrible. This is verbatim. The head of TextMaster (ACOLAD, “Technicis”, Technicisgroup) also boasted that she had googled information about me!, and discovered that, haw awful!, I was working as a teacher. Apparently, the logic is that a translator cannot be a teacher and paid. After questioning, it turns out that this company was also called “Technicis”, but then rebranded (changing the name from “Technicis” to “Acolad”) was a maneuver to make the public forget their bad reputation. I have been not paid for the translation of about 200 thousand at all!!! There are already a lot of negative reviews about Textmaster FOR POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS: During the execution of the work, I was provided with a glossary and earlier accepted text segments, provided by other translators of this agency, which contain a lot of gross errors, in particular, absolutely inappropriate, wrong product names, translation of company names, and much more. I would be glad to show examples and evidences. Many customers on the Internet complained that they received a Google translation without changes, as, for example: Nous avons commis l'erreur de confier une traduction à cette agence en début d'année, mais ça aura été la première et la dernière fois qu'on a fait appel à leurs services. La qualité de la traduction était médiocre, et on s'est rendu compte qu'ils utilisent des services de traduction automatique sans l'indiquer au préalable aux clients. Après avoir demandé autour de moi, il s’avère que le rebranding (changement de nom de "Technicis" à "Acolad") était une manœuvre pour faire oublier au public leur mauvaise réputation. TRANSLATORS, AUTHORS CHEATED BY TRANSLATION AGENCY TEXTMASTER I would also like to appeal to the victims of this agency, especially from France, with the aim of filing a lawsuit in court against Textmaster (Acolad). Positive reviews they write themselves Scammer: Anne-Laure HAUCK Carole Coucke Charlotte de La Rochemacé

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: --

Negative: I'm a certified translator myself and this is horrifying how this TextMaster works. They lose orders, translator doesn't always responds to customer's messages... I believe the staff here is overloaded so they just can't give their customers the well-deserved attention.

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: -

Negative: Textmaster delivered me a translation with a bunch of gross errors and they keep ignoring my emails.

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