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Introduction has been in the translation business for a number of years. One of the unique factors of this company is that, while others are moving to machine translation, it is sticking with human translations and proofing, because it believes that this is the only way to ensure that all of the linguistic and syntax nuances of a language can be translated well. Our review is based on the same factors that we universally use – content and information on the Word Point website, customer testimonials and feedback that we find on and off-site, the array of services offered, pricing, special benefits, and the results of our own order for a document translation. This WordPoint review is the summary of what we discovered.

Services Offered

Services are listed on a separate link on the website. They include general, legal, medical, technical, business/finance, art and literature, localization, academic and personal. More specific listings under each of these categories are listed as well. For example, under technical, customers will find an array of specific services that include websites, software, games, apps, etc.

Transcription, that is, translations from audio and video products, is also offered.

Again, Word Point relies on human translators and proofreaders rather than machine-supported work. We like this aspect of the company – humans seem to be more accurate with language nuances and syntax.

The company offers translations in over 100 languages.

Prices and Addons

Customers have the option of choosing basic, professional, or premium services. The company makes recommendations for these options, based upon the type of translation that a client may order. Obviously, basic translation works for personal and academic documents (letters, transcripts); professional is appropriate for such things as resumes, employee manuals, technology, etc.; and premium is recommended for legal, medical, contractual, etc. types of documents.

Pricing is dependent upon the level of ordered service, as well as the urgency of deadline. In all cases, there is additional proofreading by a second pair of eyes – something that is not offered by other companies.

The company also offers discounts – 15% for the first order and a subscription option for additional discounts. Other benefits are formatting, unlimited revisions, cloud storage, and 24/7 support by phone or messaging.

We ordered a 436-word letter which was priced at $0.10 a word, for manual translation and proofing under the basic plan.

Quality of Services

Quality can only be determined by the quality of the translators and the products that are actually received by customers. The testimonials on TheWordPoint site are all positive – we expect this. But we wanted to explore the feedback and comments from other places on the web. The overwhelming opinion of the Word Point is positive. Customers state that their products of high quality and delivered on time. Our order reflected this same high quality – we took the translation to an expert in the target language (Japanese), and we received confirmation that the nuances and syntax were perfect. We are impressed.

Pros & Cons

We like the customer support that is in place – 24/7; we like the fact that a company is still committed to human translation; we like the honest recommendations for levels of service, and we like the quality that customers consistently praise.

It was a bit difficult to complete the form to get a quote – the company should look to fixing that part of its site.


We are very “high” on this company for good reasons. It is sticking to the commitment to human translation services, which can be more expensive; its prices remain well within average for the industry; customers are happy with the quality of products they receive, and professionalism is a high priority. Overall, our rating of The Word Point is “the best translation site.”

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Positive: Probably the biggest amount of translating services that I have ever seen in my life. Starting from simple editing and finishing with extra large papers like laws papers or even educational books that have to be translated accurately. Having ordered three times I have gained a life time discount. Thanks the word point for being that cool.

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Positive: Mastering the translating skills - super! I guess this is the best resource for translation services in the law field. My papers were undoubtedly professional and accurate. I`d totally give my recommendation to this resource.

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recommended this service

Positive: Starting from the bottom - I like the way they helped me with the International relation paper translation. Although it had a quite big amount of pages, they didn`t decline the order and completed it in 15 days as I had asked. Additional plus was the proposed price. Even without the discount it was acceptable and nice.

Negative: I faced little difficulties trying to have a direct contact throughout the daytime.

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