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Starting TodayTranslations Review

TodayTranslations is a provider of language services that targets a wide array of industries, and its reputation has gained such a significant size that we couldn’t help but grow interested in it. We started with conducting in-depth research, which included checking out TodayTranslations reviews written by customers and employees, visiting Better Business Bureau (BBB) website, testing offered services.

Customer reviews about this company are mixed, but that’s to be expected, considering its size. It was founded in 2001, so it’s spent almost two decades operating within the translation industry. Currently, it’s undergoing a rebranding, so if you see the name “Guildhawk”, know that it’s the same TodayTranslations, with the same services, clients, management team. Agency promotes international trade and excels in it to the point where even the Queen praised and rewarded it at an official ceremony. Our Expert Review Team could not help but felt amazed. This company holds ISO 27001 certification in terms of security as well as ISO 9001 quality certificate. In addition, Today Translations has physical offices in the UK, in such cities as London and Sheffield, as well as in Lithuania. From what we could establish, it has more than 3000 people working for it, which is an average number revealing strict quality procedures that must be taking place there. Apart from looking at the company's website for more information, we also embarked on learning more about service itself by placing an order for document translation. This helped us get some relevant data about nature and assistance quality offered by Today Translations.

Services Offered specializes in various services. In fact, you can find nearly everything here - general and certified translation, professional localization, editing, and proofreading, transcriptions, voice-over options, subtitling, even key data extraction. Interpretation is also available, so the firm could send one of their experts to assist you during conferences or other meetings. We were thrilled with such variety because it means that every client may find something they require among TodayTranslations’ services. Every known linguistic assistance type is offered here. There is also such a unique option as Emoji language translation, and we were extremely tempted to try it to understand how it goes and what it entails. Diversity is definitely an advantage of TodayTranslations.

Industries it supports are diverse as well. They include travel, government, finance, retail, life science, energy, legal, technology sectors, and many more. Large clients like CNN, L'Oreal, Sony, Britvic, Discovery, etc. cooperate with TodayTranslations, enhancing its reputation even more. But there are also some limitations. They are related to the lack of support for some languages: while the company claims it covers more than 200, only 34 are listed on its site. It promises that upon client’s request, it could find the required translator regardless of the needed language, but how reliable is this promise? It’s impossible to quickly find and test a new expert. Service offers support for translation into English from different languages, but the same cannot be said about translation from English to other languages. It’s a small disadvantage, but a disadvantage nonetheless. We requested English to Mandarin professional translation online for review purposes.


No prices are published on the site, which is another disadvantage. To understand how much money you’ll be spending, you should contact Today Translation, a process that could be time-consuming and annoying. In most cases, this happens when the firm knows it charges more than others and hides this fact from a public view. Unfortunately, our guess was true this time as well. We paid $0.17 for a word of translated content. As compared to industry average, this is a high price. Now we could only wonder if it’d be worth it.

Quality of Services as Provided by Today Translations Ltd.

From the document we got, our team could gauge quality offered by TodayTranslations. The work was delivered within the required timeframe, which is a good thing since not all agencies we test meet our deadlines. In accordance with our Mandarin experts, the accuracy was brilliant in some passages, but in others, there were several mistranslations. A few words and concepts were twisted, which almost resulted in loss of meaning. When combined together, we could say that translation was above average, but it needed some improvements.

We sent a revision request and TodayTranslations’ team immediately reacted. They apologized, then took on our order, promising to make it flawless and deliver it ASAP. True to their word, they returned it within several hours. Upon inspection, we saw that all issues were removed. Document was perfect this time, there was nothing to complain about. Needless to say, we were extremely pleased and satisfied with the service we received.

Pros & Cons

We decided to make this TodayTranslations review even more helpful through summary. Scouring through details and information about service is not an easy task, and this section highlights some of the key upsides and downsides of using this firm.


  • Professional website. Site design looks good. There are plenty of useful sections with appropriate titles that make your experience pleasant.
  • Many fields & supported industries. Whatever service you require, you’ll find it because TodayTranslations supports a variety of options for all possible occasions.
  • Stellar reputation. With all its certifications and a reward from the Queen, this company continues to develop and prove its excellence.
  • Good quality translations. Last but not least, quality of this service falls into a professional category. Our document was translated in an excellent way.


  • Strange situation with languages. Some Today Translations reviews mentioned having problems with it. It’s unclear just how many languages this firm supports.
  • Prices are above industry averages. Services cost a lot, so you might not be able to afford them.
  • Minor quality issues. Quality Control team working for this agency must pay closer attention to the work of translators. The first document we received was good, but it still required a minor revision.

Conclusion to Today Translations Review

We have aggregated information from multiple sources and drew data from our first-hand experience with TodayTranslations in a bid to create a true and accurate picture of its functions. We started out feeling impressed because of its long history of operations, diversity of all its services, as well as of multiple achievements it has accomplished, such as receiving the reward for contribution to international trade from the Queen of England. We are happy to say that our impressions remained positive throughout our experiences. TodayTranslations’ quality and support system are on a high level, so we readily include it into our best companies list.

5 customer reviews of


doesn't recommended this service

Positive: Tasty prices but it doesn't justify the pain.

Negative: Found tons of errors in the work they did. The quality was really poor and they took too long to respond and deliver.

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: They did the job

Negative: I paid the high price they weredemanding without complaining. The quality of work they did was absolutely mediocre, and it took them forever to deliver my work.

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Joseph Mark

doesn't recommended this service

Positive: -

Negative: Not good at all

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Taylor commented:

What’s the point in them setting a deadline and not being able to meet it. Poor services.

Pauline commented:

I am really furious right now. I wasted a lot of money for a shit job. I wasted my time too.

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