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Today Translations is a provider of translation services to a wide array of industries out there, including Finance, Retail, Life Science, Energy, and Technology. We had to do adequate research on the web to come up with this review, which included checking out the site on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) review website. However, we could not find any details or information about the service online.

Apart from looking at the company’s website for more information, we also embarked on learning more about the service by placing an order for document translation. This helped us to get some relevant details about the nature and the quality of the services offered by Today Translations. Our team of translators – for the review objective – helped us to comb the document.

Services Offered

Given the diverse industries that Today Translations has printed, it is sufficient to note that the extent of the services of Today Translations is above average. Today Translations offers translation and localization services, and on the company website, it claims to have undertaken quite some projects for clients with localization and translation needs from different parts of the country.

There are some limitations, however, with the service, which include the lack of support for some languages. The service offers support for translation into English, from a variety of languages, but the same cannot be said about the translation of documents from English to other foreign languages. All in all, we submitted a document so that we could have a closer look at the nature of the services offered. We requested for English to Mandarin translation for review purposes.

Prices & Add-Ons

The pricing was not that high compared to the industry average, and for the services they offered, it was worth it. Today Translations Ltd also offers different services on its website, and these services also depend on the firm or industry the client belongs to.

Quality of Services

From the document that we received, we could gauge the nature and quality of the translation services offered by Today Translations. The work was delivered as per the required time frame, which is a good thing since not all translation services meet their deadlines.

However, some areas were not well translated – according to our team of experts. Since the document was for review purposes, the team of experts who helped us to gauge the accuracy of the translated work pointed out some areas that were mistranslated. While the service did a good job submitting the translation, it is also important to point out some of the misses of the service.

Pros & Cons

Scouring through the details and information about the service is not an easy task, and this section highlights some of the key upsides and downsides of using the service.


  • Easy to navigate the website.
  • Support for many fields and industries.


  • Lack of support for diverse languages.
  • Prices that are above industry averages.


We have aggregated information from multiple sources online, and from other today translations reviews in a bid to come up with a true and accurate picture of the service.

This review also draws information from the first-hand experiences of handling documents from Today Translations service, and those who would like to use the service, or make a choice for translations services to use might find this information helpful and insightful.

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Joseph Mark

doesn't recommended this service

Positive: -

Negative: Not good at all

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: I submitted 17 files on November 10. The received batch was a mess, untitled files, I had to open each to know which is what. The translation itself seems ok, but guys the way you present your work also matters.

Negative: Thank you.

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: Today Translations website looks like they have a lot to offer but in fact they are very limited in languages and don't accept short videos for subtitling.

Negative: m

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