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Introduction to Our Tolingo Review

The Expert Review Team at PickWriters launched their own review and then submitted the findings for you to see. It’s a German translation agency that deals with translation or adaptation of documents on behalf of individuals and businesses. This Tolingo review draws from published information, objective facts, and thoughts of clients about services offered by this company. It also includes our experience with it.

Since its base of operations is in Germany, there are no reviews about Tolingo on the BBB website, so we sought info elsewhere. Tolingo was founded in 2007, with a small office in Hamburg serving as its headquarters. Since then, it started to grow, taking more space, and expanding its network of workers. It has less than 100 in-house employees but more than 6000 people working on a freelance basis. According to, it completes 1000 projects daily, so during all years of its operations, it received ISO 27001 security certificate as well as ISO 17100, ISO 9001:2015, & ISO 27001 quality certificates. We liked this fact because it means that the company has some qualified employees who help secure its reputation. Testimonials from clients are mixed, but that didn’t stop us from assessing this firm on our own so that we could get a first-hand experience with its service. Our team placed an order for document translation to gauge accuracy and quality ensured by Tolingo’s experts.

Services Offered

Company website is pretty informative. Tolingo Gmbh offers a variety of services, such as translation, standard and certified, localization, editing and proofreading, SEO assistance, website adaptation, desktop publishing (DTP), translation management. They also provide assistance with file preparation, post-processing, project management. Tolingo also has machine translation and integration options, allowing you to pay less for strictly technical translations, eliminating international barriers between you and your audiences by integrating their glossaries and translation memory systems with your content.

Tolingo translators are involved in many industries, from automotive, banking, engineering, marketing to legal, technological, and science ones. It supports 220 pairs of languages, which falls into the average category. It’s enough for such a big agency, but the diversity of these pairs is what makes us consider the downsides of using this service. English, Spanish, and German take much space, with few other options being offered. We settled for an English to Swedish translation.

Prices and Add-Ons of Tolingo

Some info about prices is revealed on Tolingo’s website, which we appreciated. While there aren’t enough details and you cannot predict how much they’ll charge you, you can know the minimum and make your conclusions based on it. This translation agency starts by asking for 10 cents per word. Our review team ended up paying 16 cents, which is a high price for such work. If the price matches quality, then it can be seen as moderately acceptable, but still, some people won’t be able to afford it. From additional services, you could order DTP, editing, certification, unique style creation, other things. You can clarify costs for these add-ons by contacting customer support representatives via online form provided on their website.

Quality of Tolingo Translations

Our translation was late by two and a half hours, even though the deadline we requested was more than sufficient for a professional to cope with it. Operators responded to our increasingly worried messages, but they couldn’t provide anything but verbal comfort. No information about the reasons for delay was revealed. Later they said a translator had an emergency, but this excuse isn’t something we can accept. So, we were displeased at this point. When the work was finally submitted, we studied it with our Swedish experts. They said that the text seemed well-translated at the first look, but upon closer examination, it became clear that some important moments from the original weren’t conveyed properly. A few sentences were twisted so much that meaning became unrecognizable, and some terms were actually mistranslated.

Our review experts sent our revision demand and it was granted quickly. Three days later, our file was delivered, and this time, we could conclude that the translators had done their job well. Most issues were removed, though some remained. After brief discussions, we concluded that service is average. The first version of a document was barely passable, and while the second one was better, it took them 3 additional days to complete it. For the price our review team paid and after seeing the rewards Tolingo received over the years, we expected more from it.

Pros & Cons

At times, combing through an entire review in search of key details could prove to be tiresome. That’s why we always offer a section that features pros and cons of service, providing a reader with a glimpse into everything we discovered.


  • Informative website. Many Tolingo reviews mentioned satisfaction with a website, and we agree with them. Most info you’d be interested in as a client is covered, from description of provided services to supported languages and outlines of prices.
  • Friendly support team. We felt genuinely cared for when cooperating with these people. Sure, they couldn’t really help us after the delay with our order, but we acknowledge that it wasn’t their fault. They aren’t responsible for translators’ sense of duty.
  • Many services covered. You’ll find assistance here regardless of whether you are an individual or a business.


  • High product prices. The costs are higher than the market average.
  • Limited language support. Most languages in language pairs are repeated, so if you need a rare one, you might be unable to find it here.
  • Average service. We can’t call it bad or unprofessional, but it simply did not meet the expected quality standards after the price we paid and all promises we received.
  • Delays with delivery. Documents must be uploaded by the deadline or sooner, definitely not after the due date.


To conclude this Tolingo translations review, we can state that it’s an acceptable service, but it’s far from being excellent. There is limited support of languages; the firm charges its customers a price that cannot really be called affordable; it can be late with its orders, with no compensation or bonuses offered, and the quality is only average. Our order didn’t arrive on time. Considering how much we paid for it, this was one of translator’s primary responsibilities. Quality control team had to react, too — for example, by promising us that something like this would never happen again. Instead, we got just a half-hearted generic apology, the quality of text didn’t meet expectations. That’s why we cannot call Tolingo the best. Read our best translation services reviews for example review of Polish translation services to see where you can get quality and reliable company.

19 customer reviews of


doesn't recommended this service

Negative: The quality of translations provided by this service was far below my expectations. The lack of attention to detail and poor grammar were evident in every document I received. It's disheartening when a translation service fails to prioritize accuracy and fails to deliver a polished final product.

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: The translation is honestly not so good, but I liked the service. Any questions were answered very quickly, but something about the result did not make me very happy. So I can only give high marks to the customer service and not to the translator.

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: They took more time than expected and still couldn’t deliver despite receiving money for urgent delivery

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Marcel commented:

No complaint from us, but they should probably give us a discount next time.

Wayne commented:

Just an average translation network.

Dorian commented:

They need to work on their pricing. I believe they shouldn’t be charging that much for their services.

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