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Introduction to Tomedes Review

Tomedes is a rather known company in the translation sector, and after a flood of requests to investigate it, our Expert Review Team has finally commenced our Tomedes review. It included exploring the background of the company, its services, prices, design of its website, communication practices, as well as quality of its work overall. Our team also read customers’ opinions and double-checked some facts to make sure that only correct information is presented. This is what we’ve managed to find out.

Tomedes ltd. provides online services in the sphere of localization as well as translation. It was founded in 2007. Since then, it has flourished enough to attract attention from such large corporations as Google and other Fortune 500 companies. This is something Tomedes is particularly proud of. It has several offices around the world, including such regions as Asia, the US, and Europe. We liked this fact because it adds credibility to its operations.

Comments on the agency’s website are all positive, but we didn’t trust them much because they could be biased. Instead, we looked further. Tomedes reviews on other sites are mixed, and since it’s a common phenomenon, we didn’t let it affect our opinion much. Some customers are pleased and state that their expectations have been exceeded. Others say that Tomedes company has let them down in one way or another. Since we wanted our review to be comprehensive, so went the extra mile to look for information on BBB website. 0 complaints have been filed — then again, it could be explained by the fact that there are no checked reviews about the service yet. To learn more, we placed an order for financial document translation so that our team could get first-hand experience with its offers.

Services Offered by Tomedes

Tomedes provides a variety of different services. They include translation, editing, interpretation, content writing, transcription, as well as localization options. You could ask for assistance with graphic designs, translation of subtitles, embedding them into movies or other videos, an adaptation of websites, software, or applications, etc. We appreciated such diversity since it proves credibility of Tomedes business translation even more: if it had a chance to become so large and hire so many employees overtime, it must be finding a positive response among clients.

The firm works with multiple industries, too, from legal, technical, financial to marketing and business ones. It specializes in more than 100 different languages, including rare pairs. So, if you need to translate document from Vietnamese to English or hope to find Arabic translation service, can help you out. Considering that many large companies hire it, you are almost guaranteed to find assistance with whatever you need here.


At first, our experts thought that this agency has no prices published, asking its clients to clarify them after actually placing an order. We frowned at this, but then stumbled across an online instant quote section, and it improved our opinion significantly. You can type in how many words you’d like to have translated and choose languages involved. After this, you’ll see how much your order is going to cost. In the process of our Tomedes review, we asked for an English to Mandarin translation. Agency charged us with $0.10 USD per word of translated content. Such price is relatively fair as compared to other services, and costs for English to Mandarin translation, in particular, is not that bad, given the aspects involved in our project. It had some complex terms and formulas that had to be adapted appropriately. So, we paid for the order and started to wait for results.

Quality of Services

Complaints Tomedes receives mostly concern about quality of delivered orders and their timeliness. This is what we focused on primarily when performing our review. We expected our document to maintain its integrity, form, and meaning even after translation, but also kept wondering whether our case was going to fall into the category of unsuccessful ones. When the file arrived, timely, we immediately sent it to our Mandarin expert, asking her for her evaluation. When she got back to us, she said that she found a couple of serious grammar errors, some inaccurately translated words and phrases, as well as many proofreading issues. Translation wasn’t completely unusable, but it was also far from being good. We certainly expected more from Tomedes translation, with all the hype around it, so contacted their support team, demanding revision.

To their credit, our request was accepted right away. Operators apologized profusely and promised that they’ll assign our order to another translator who’ll correct all issues. We would have appreciated talking to a person who worked on our assignment, but we didn’t insist on it and simply began to wait again. Revision arrived late, which damaged our already skeptical impression a bit more. Upon examining the document, our expert reported that this version was much better, although it still had some problems. So, it’s safe to say that Tomedes translations quality is not top-notch.

Pros & Cons

Before you consider using any translation service, you need to gauge its effectiveness based on its advantages and disadvantages. This review presents a lot of information that may be a bit hard to sift through, so we prepared a shortlist of pros and cons that will help you make the right decision regarding Tomedes.


  • Good customer support. There is online chat available 24/7 — if you have any questions or concerns, support operators will instantly try to help you address them.
  • Informative & well-designed website. As many Tomedes translation reviews mention, site is easy to use and you can find every fact you need there, from prices to types of services provided.
  • Good pricing. The services are rather affordable.
  • Free revision. If something is wrong with your order, you can send it back for revision.


  • Inadequate quality control. Even in spite of sending the order for revision, we didn’t get a perfect result. Tomedes translation company should definitely work on its QA team and make sure that customers get the promised quality.
  • Possibility of late delivery. The first time, our order arrived timely, but the revised one came late. It means that there is always a risk of getting your project after your deadline.


There are tons of translation services in the world, and we’re here to make sure that you make the safest possible decision. Unfortunately, for now, we can’t recommend Tomedes because while there are more pros than cons we outlined, the latter are more relevant and have more weight. Quality is the core of every firm that works with clients — everything else pales in comparison. Translation services provided by Tomedes to us, in particular, were a little below average. This means that a lot of aspects were not handled or covered appropriately. For this reason, we cannot include it in our best translation companies list. Check it out and maybe you’ll find another option that will suit you. That doesn’t mean we give up, though — maybe our future Tomedes legal translation review will produce more favorable results!

29 customer reviews of


recommended this service

Negative: The lack of communication and updates only added to the frustration.

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recommended this service

Positive: This service was able to translate my complicated legal document. The translator was knowledgeable in the field and completed the translation rather quickly. When I proofread it I found several errors and I contacted this service again to have them corrected. In principle they were quick to respond and correct the mistakes. I can say I can trust the service.

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recommended this service

Positive: I recently used a translation service for an important document that needed to be translated from French to English. Overall, I was satisfied with the service. The quality of the translation was good, and the delivery was prompt. However, I did feel that the pricing was a bit higher than what I was expecting. Overall, I would recommend this translation service to others, but I would caution them to be prepared for the cost.

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Arun commented:

I value their services and translators. They work well and I appreciate their professionalism.

Tony commented:

I have no complaints about the quality of work they offer. They are simply the best.

Amalia commented:

The quality was superb

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