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Many companies today operate business globally in countries that speak languages different from their own. Translation companies in the market offer varying services which may be difficult to choose from. The following is a review we have done on The review will include the quality of service they offer as well as the pro and cons of the translation company.

Service Offered

The website offers translation for more than fifty languages including European Spanish translation, British English, Arabic, and Mandarin Chinese translation services. The translation is divided into various backgrounds including voiceover translation, audio-visual translation services, content translation, video game localization and translation services, and document translation services.

The website’s audiovisual services are targeted on production companies that are trying to reach a diverse audience in countries that were not factored in during preproduction. Translation under this category entails a rewrite of scripts and dubbing.

Content translation is vital in this age of digital content standards. The website has categorized content translation into SEO, e-commerce, and e-learning. SEO translation generally geared to grow the client's website and make it reachable to a broader audience. E-Commerce and website translation involves the translation of clients' digital retails to different languages in the clients' target market. e-learning, on the other hand, is the translation of education material to learners in non-English speaking audiences.

Other services such as document translation are straightforward. What clients should note, however, is the fact that the website does not categorize its translation services into different industries. Clients will therefore not be entirely sure about the accuracy of the translation when the document is industry sensitive.

Video game translation involves the dubbing or subtitling of audio-visual video game content. The services also include translating instruction guides and manuals.

Tragoratraducciones website also provides voice over services. The services on voice over are some of the services that the website provides that are not language translation in nature.

Quality of Services

The website offers a variety of services to capture a broader market and appeal to a bigger audience. While a number of the services provided are good, some of the services are pretty substandard for the website. Audio-visual services for example, are dependent on the trained native translators who may not have an in-depth understanding of the film production industry or storytelling in general. Trained natives would take from a couple of months to a couple of years to trains time which the clients in the production do not have.

The prices the website charges are fundamentally fair as compared to other websites. The website, however, charges according to the ease, complexity, and availability of translators for particular languages.

Pros & Cons


  • The website provides translation training for all of their translators which make their work fair.
  • The website offers a wide range of audiovisual services to clients


  • The training services provided by the company while extensive and comprehensive for different languages it lacks the necessary depth that is required for specific fields like marketing or finance.
  • Training services are better in some languages such as Spanish than in other languages.
  • Knowing for sure the accuracy of the translated material is difficult as most of the translators are natives with limited knowledge
  • When the document is sent in a non-editable format, the website charges an extra fee for text extraction


Having done a TragoraTraducciones review, it is clear that the website offers common services. The websites ten years of experience in the translation market is surprisingly not an incentive for clients to look up the website. Though they have fair performance, other websites in the market offer better services than this one.

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: The customer support is great.

Negative: We would like to see more languages.

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: /

Negative: The communication leaves much to be desired - translators receive unclear ot confusing instructions but they cannot contact the client since it is not the agreement. This results in tensions and incorrect result. Even more frustrating is the customer support. We always received quick and short response - they obviously didn't loo at the problem.

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recommended this service

Positive: They really helped our startup with an online game localization.

Negative: The disadvantage here is quite high prices compared to similar companies on the market.

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