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Tragora Traducciones Review

This Tragora Traducciones review is the result of careful research into its background, analysis of its work, and evaluation of all its work processes. Today, many companies operate globally, involving audiences who speak different languages into their operations. They cannot do it without getting assistance from translation companies, but it’s difficult to choose one because there are many of them, and there is no guarantee as to which one is the best. We try to facilitate the making of your decision by investigating various firms and assessing them in an objective and fair manner. This time, we focused on Tragora Traducciones company. It was founded in 2006, and though it’s concentrated on Spanish regions, its reach stretches to other countries, too.

Online Tragora Traducciones reviews are mixed, which is to be expected from an agency of such size. It has spent a lot of time in this market, so it’s managed to develop an impressive network comprising top world linguists. The firm claims that it employs only those people who have at least 5 years of related experience. But how truthful is this claim and how thorough are screening procedures? Our Expert Review Team endeavored to find out.

Service Offered by

Company offers translation in more than fifty languages, though its emphasis is placed on Spanish translation. You could find other options, too, including Arabic, German, Mandarin Chinese translation services, and Polish translations but they are still relatively limiting. If you require assistance with more rare languages, you won’t find it here, which is a drawback for a company this big. It looks like it isn’t interested in expanding and prefers to specialize in several spheres only. As for services themselves, they are sufficiently diverse. There is translation available: it covers many industries, from technical, medical, and legal to creative ones. Then there are audio-visual services that include transcripts and voiceover options. If you have a video or an audio file that you’d like to share with foreign clients, Tragora Traducciones will accept your project. Subtitling, dubbing, and closed captioning are also possible, so a whole audio-video specter is covered.

Another service of Tragora Traducciones involves website, software, app, and game localization. It is generally geared toward making the client's product more accessible for a broader audience, helping them conquer the target market. E-learning and training for translators are offered as well, with educational material being proposed to non-English speaking audiences. Overall, this diversity impressed us, but we found no info on certification. There is a mention that the company complies with ISO 17100 standards, but does it actually have active certified translators? Nothing is mentioned about certified transcript translation, so this aspect remained unclear. Still, at this stage of research, our opinion was positive. Prices No prices are offered on the website, which several TragoraTraducciones reviews complained about. It means that charges could turn out to be unfair as compared to other firms. Usually, the costs depend on the complexity, deadline, and availability of translators for particular languages, but without any minimum listed, we can’t make guesses as to what motivates this particular firm. Review team paid $0.15 for one word, a number that exceeds the market average. To find out your price, you have to submit all your files and wait for a free quote. According to the company, the manager will contact you within 48 hours. It’s too long, especially for instances when a client is in a rush.

We marked it as a big disadvantage in our review of Tragora Traducciones. From the good sides, there are many payment options to select from. You could make a bank transfer, use PayPal, or pay through a credit card. In addition, the option of direct debit is present, so you could choose whatever you find more convenient.

Quality of Services

This is the most important part of our research. No advantages matter if quality of translation is subpar, so we really hoped we wouldn’t be disappointed. Translated file was delivered by our specified deadline. We sent it to our experts for professional evaluation, and their verdict was mixed. Text itself looked good as there were minimal grammar & proofreading issues, but the accuracy took a hard blow. There were too many mistranslations for it to be a coincidence. True, there were no signs of machine involvement, but our expert wasn’t an expert at all, at least not in the sphere we selected. They understood target language perfectly, but they couldn’t convey everything from the original as they should have. Concepts, definitions, and technical language were all mixed up, blurring real message we tried to convey.

We asked for revision, listing problems we found. Customer support operators were nice, but it took ages until they realized what our problem was like they didn’t read our messages attentively enough. At last, our request was accepted and we were promised that another expert would improve everything. True to a promise, our file was re-submitted two days later. Most issues were corrected, but some remained, even though they were no longer serious. So, after our experience, we were rather underwhelmed.

Pros & Cons

Let’s review a short list of pros and cons as applied to Tragora Traducciones. It could save you time by presenting the most essential details to you.


  • Rich diversity. There are all possible linguistic services offered, including training, audio, and visual assistance, and localization.
  • Free revisions. This agency revises all problematic files for free, all you need is explain clearly what you don’t like and why. · Experts present. Revised file was pretty good, and initial version was grammatically flawless.
  • Deadlines maintained. There were no delays with our order.


  • Unreliable quality. There is no guarantee your expert would be able to help you properly from the first try.
  • Clueless operators. These guys were friendly, we cannot deny it, but it took them ages to figure out what we wanted.
  • Hidden prices. No indication of the costs is published on Tragora Traducciones’ website.
  • High prices. They are higher than normal, although not by much.

Finalizing Our TragoraTraducciones Review

After completing our review, we formed a solid opinion on this firm and services it offers. Tragora Traducciones is a company that has amazing diversity: it selects the best voices for its clients’ videos, prepares subtitles, engages in translation, localization, transcription, etc. But HR managers should be more attentive when selecting translators. Ours has clearly received relevant education, but they struggled with terminology involved in the industry our project was from. As a result, there were many moments with mistranslated content that would have confused our audience and ruined our attempt to understand each other.

That said, this firm has several good sides, too, so if you aren’t in a hurry and have time for a possible revision, you could hire them. We cannot recommend it after our TragoraTraducciones translation review — though the performance of an agency as a whole was passable, other websites in the market offer better services for lower prices, so we encourage you to look through them and select a firm you find most fitting. We’ve made several lists with top translation companies that you should definitely check out.

16 customer reviews of


doesn't recommended this service

Negative: The last text they translated was a jumble of meaningless words and was about nothing at all. I could not understand a single word. It was a complete rip-off and I feel like I was cheated.

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: I think they fast but kinda expensive

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: It would have made sense if your quality was top with the price you charge but it's not

Negative: -

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Gao commented:

The price was pretty high.

Pat commented:

We made it clear that we wanted a flawless job done. They failed to deliver that!

Riccardo commented:

I wasn’t pleased with the so called translation you guys did. I found a lot of mistranslations and spelling mistakes. Honestly, you guys need to do better.

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