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Process of Writing Reviews

There are many reviews available online, but all of them are written by customers with their subjective viewpoints. Our goal is to provide an objective evaluation of the offered services to all people who consider using this firm. To do that, we follow a number of steps that help us form a final opinion. Our team consists of experts who specialize in different language areas. Some are linguists who examine translations and determine their accuracy; others are native speakers of various languages who assist in checking localization provided by the tested agencies. Such combination helps us produce a fair assessment. (now is an Italian-based online translation agency that has been operating in this sector for 18 years. Due to such a long history, it has collected quite a solid volume of feedback on its work. It boasts of having over 100,000 customers and more than 250,000 translators, which impressed us. Needless to say, we were genuinely curious to see if quality level of this company corresponds to its strong background and huge experience. Our Translated review is based on several factors – namely, website content, customer testimonials, prices, support team, revision option, and actual services.

Services Offered

Translated reviews we examined show that company offers an impressive array of official translation services. We found it to be true in our personal experience. This agency specializes in a big number of areas, including business, technology, marketing, science, and many others. Apart from typical translations, it also provides localization along with legal and professional services. So, it could help you in numerous situations, from immigration purposes and USCIS translation services to book translation and video game adaptation. relies heavily on machine-based translations and states that it uses the latest kinds of technology, including AI, in order to perform routine work. Human translators are employed for more complex projects. At the same time, most orders are done based on an ideal combination of machine and human activity. We were intrigued by these statements because it is difficult to find perfect balance: Very often, translators over-rely on technology and lose sight of their true goal. Knowing this, we looked forward to seeing how well the company was going to cope, especially after we saw it describe how it only utilizes human translators that have a minimum of three-year experience in translation sphere.

Prices & Add-ons

This is an area that many reviews mentioned. This company itself states that the price quotes vary based on experts’ availability and specific language pairs requested by the client. Here are some important factors that affect it.

  • Clients may choose between three levels of translation, namely, the economy, professional, and premium ones. We hired the firm’s expert to work on our 436-word personal letter. Price was $20.31 at the economy level and would have been $76.12 at the premium level. Difference is drastic, which is not a good sign. Regardless of what the client chooses, they pay money for it. It means that company is obligated to provide flawless service. If someone chooses economy level, it doesn’t mean they should be satisfied with a badly done work. This brings us to our second point.
  • Economy level means a translation with no proofreading. Professional one implies that the second person will partly proofread the work, while premium one means that the entire piece will be reviewed and proofread. Obviously, premium level is a must for legal and publication purposes.
  • Pricing varies in real-time based on translators’ availability, and economy level is not available for certain target languages. Mandarin translations, for example, begin at professional level only. If availability is limited, prices will go up. With over 200,000 translators, we wonder why this is an issue in the first place. So, we considered pricing system of this firm too vague and unstable to be seen in a positive light.

Quality of Services

Company lists several well-known companies as its clients. Digging deeper, though, we established that actual situation isn’t as impressive. Translated’s work for Google, for example, relates to AdWords and keyword translations only — more than that, Google uses a wide variety of other translation services for this task. On-site testimonials about agency are uniformly positive, but off-site reviews are mixed. Plenty of people complain that there are linguistic and stylistic problems with their orders, especially with semantic nuances and syntax.

We received our translated letter on time. It was a simple personal piece, but it had language intricacies that were pretty tricky in nature. We took it to an expert in our target language (German) and waited for her opinion. As it turned out, the translation of only basic sentences was correct. Our satirical and humorous phrases were lost, so it appears that the work was mostly completed by a machine that hasn’t learned these nuances yet. It became a crucial factor that affected our review. When we asked for a revision, explaining our reasoning, our request was rejected. We were told that with the level of service we ordered, the firm cannot ask a human expert to take a look. This is highly unprofessional because if paying less means getting flawed work, they shouldn’t have the option of the economy level at all.

Pros & Cons

This firm has both advantages and disadvantages.


  • Solid background. Translated company has been around for a long time and it uses some of the latest technologies in its translations.
  • Deadlines are met. Based on customer feedback, company meets deadlines consistently, in our case as well.


  • Unstable pricing system. The constantly changing prices that shift based on the availability of translators is a serious issue, especially since the company claims to have over 200,000 professionals to take up the orders. As it is, the customers simply have no way of knowing whether they are being lied to or if there are really no translators available. You cannot know how much you’re going to have to pay until the end, which is a big drawback.
  • Issues with translation. Our order was done badly, and based on the reviews we saw, it’s a common occurrence. The meaning of the letter was lost – only mechanical details were conveyed. Humor, sarcasm, nothing was present.

Summary of Our Review

In total, our review of Translated is mixed, bordering on negative. They promise professionalism in their work and state that they are ready to accept even complex tasks, like the ones in the healthcare sector. But in reality, it couldn’t cope even with a simple personal task, so we doubt it could provide top medical services. Considering the problem with shifting prices, you risk paying more than you can afford without actually getting it. If you want to find a reliable medical translation agency that wouldn’t cost a fortune, you should look elsewhere. Since even a simple translation such as our letter contained errors, we can give this firm an overall “Mediocre” rating and express hope that it will improve its performance in the future.

41 customer reviews of

Haley Calhoun

doesn't recommended this service

Positive: -Fast turnaround time -Seemingly good customer service/my "project manager" was quick to respond and very nice and professional.

Negative: The translation itself is not great. Mine was full of errors that weren't even grammatical - dates were miswritten, names, and numbers... It is clearly a translation from some type of software and not from an actual human being. For this price, I'd recommend using a different service.

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recommended this service

Negative: If you are looking for a translation service that will ruin your documents, look no further. This service did a terrible job translating my text. The sentence structure was wrong and did not convey the true meaning of the original text.

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recommended this service

Negative: I was not particularly impressed with this service. It is no different from the others. Of course, there are better and worse ones, but I think this one is somewhere in between. They promised me a discount on my next order, but they never delivered. I even thought they did it on purpose because I was very picky about them.

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Valeria commented:

This translation agency is a complete failure. I can't understand a single word of what they wrote. It's a waste of money!

Adrian commented:

I had no problem with the services they offered

Sosimo commented:

we got the documents delivered to us on time.Good job.

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