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Our TranslateHub review would not exist without your input. Many of you asked us to research it, and that’s exactly what we did! The earliest date to which PickWriters team managed to track it is 2019. Over these years, it has helped 20K customers, and its success rate is 96%. Naturally, we have no idea how true this claim is, and that’s one of the things we were determined to find out. Translation is the main focus of this agency, though it offers some other services as well. We don’t know where its office is because there is little info available publicly. The same goes for reviews as only several clients bothered to leave them. We weren’t sure what to think at this stage, but that made our investigation all the more interesting.

Services Clients Could Choose at TranslationHub

We decided to start our review of TranslateHub with an evaluation of its array of services. People have different requests all the time, and they care whether the company covers language or type of service they need. TranslateHub assists people with 50+ languages; if someone has a unique request, it promises to do its best to find a fitting expert. At the same time, it has an underdeveloped website: it mentions only some details. For example, in a “services” column, you’ll see merely general and certified translation as well as localization.  But there are more options available, and we’d like to discuss them.

  • Translation. Clients of TranslateHub could order both standard and certified translation in various industries. Legal, technical, academic, business, medical plus other sectors are present.
  • Transcription. These translators accept video or audio files and translate content from them, writing it down in the way you prefer.
  • Localization. Translate Hub relies on top industry experts, which allows it to specialize in unique localization. If you have culture-sensitive content like a video game, it would be best to entrust it to game localization services and localizers, not simple translators.
  • Subtitles. If you’d like to translate a video but preserve original voices, ordering subtitles is the best decision.
  • Others. Like with languages, TranslateHub promises to take care of different orders even if it doesn’t have them in its list of services.

But researching available services is just one aspect of our review. The next step is placing an order personally. In this case, our team settled on Healthcare article with complex terms and definitions. We wanted to see how well these translators would cope with it. The standard size of our test orders is 10K, and the deadline is 20 days. Our chosen language pair was English- Czech, and top review specialists eagerly waited for results.

Core Part of TranslateHub Review: Prices for Translation

People who order translation services want to know how much they’ll be paying. From good news, information about prices is published on their platform. Customers could simply go there to find out an approximate cost for their project. We picked a complex language pair and a medical sphere: we expected to pay a lot, but the ultimate cost was $0.13 per word. This is below average for an order like this. TranslateHub charges affordable prices even when tricky industries come into play. Payment methods are completely safe, and clients can choose between American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, PayPal, and more. From bad news… there isn’t any. We found only positive things about prices and payment methods, and our opinion was more than positive.

TranslateHub Reviews From Us and Others: Quality Assessment

Finding good Czech to English translators is hard, and we looked forward to seeing if TranslateHub would be able to meet our expectations. As we were waiting for our order, we focused on reviews. Like we mentioned, there aren’t many of them. This could be due to their relatively small experience. Three years isn’t much, and most clients who ask for translations tend to share their feedback privately. Fortunately, our review members managed to dig up some comments: they were majorly positive. One comment came from a respected company that has been working with TranslateHub for all three years, and it had only positive things to say. We found this encouraging.

Soon after reading TranslateHub reviews, we got our article. Translators delivered it when they had to, and its quality was obvious from the start. Every sentence flowed smoothly; even confusing lines from original were deciphered and put into appropriate context. Our team felt impressed, even more so when we went through the entire text and found only 2 typos along with 3 small mistakes. The company offers free revisions, but we didn’t need to use this option because everything was as close to perfect as it could be.

Strengths and Weakness of This Service

We know that some of our visitors don’t want to read an entire review. They lack time or patience, and to remain helpful to them as well, we develop special lists with pros and cons. Take a look if you want a clear picture of the strongest and weakest sides of TranslateHub.
Affordable prices. As we already stated in our TranslateHub review, this agency charges acceptable prices. PickWriters’ difficult order cost us only $0.13 for word.
Certified experts. This is a certified service with experts who confirmed their credentials officially.  
Fantastic quality. Quality of our translation was amazing. We don’t give such compliments lightly, especially since we checked medical translation services online and know how difficult it is to find good translators. But here, we were truly impressed. Our assigned expert translated every term properly, preserved context, and made some confusing bits sound better.
Timely delivery no matter the deadline. guarantees to deliver orders by the date its clients chose. There are around 200 translators who work as freelancers here and 30 who stay in the office, ready to take up any urgent tasks that come their way.
24/7 support team. Clients who have questions, requests, or problems could always apply to this translating agency’s support members. They work 24/7 and give swift replies. They were polite and helpful, and clearly knew a lot about their company.  
Little experience. There are few online Translate Hub reviews, mainly because it hasn’t been working long. Its operations started in 2019.
Underdeveloped website. There is a blog with interesting articles, which is great, but other than this, TranslateHub didn’t develop its site properly. More categories and details should be present.

Our Rating and Verdict: What Does TranslateHub Deserve?

PickWriters enjoyed its experience with TranslateHub. It has been around only for 3 or 4 years, but it has already established itself as an amazing service provider with high quality level and dedicated translators. Its prices are level-headed and it steadily supports even urgent deadlines. We give it 4.8 stars out of 5. TranslateHub: is it reliable? Right now, our answer is a hard and resolute “yes.”

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Positive: I had the pleasure of engaging the services of a translation agency for a complex multilingual project, and I was thoroughly impressed with the level of professionalism and expertise they exhibited. From the initial consultation to the final delivery of the translated materials, every step of the process was handled with utmost care and attention. The translators employed by the agency were not only linguistically skilled but also well-versed in the specific industry terminology, ensuring accurate translations that maintained the intended meaning and tone of the original text. The project management team was responsive, keeping me updated on the progress and addressing any concerns promptly. Overall, my experience with this translation service was exceptional, and I would highly recommend their services to anyone.

Negative: -

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recommended this service

Positive: This is by far the best translation service I have ever used. They were able to provide me with high quality translations in a variety of languages, and their team was incredibly knowledgeable and responsive. I appreciated that they took the time to understand my needs and make sure everything was translated accurately. This service is now my favorite!

Negative: -

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recommended this service

Positive: They were able to perform an excellent translation of my birth certificate from Spanish into English. The translator perfectly captured all the nuances of the original document and the translated version was perfect in terms of grammar and vocabulary. The customer service was also excellent, the staff was very helpful and answered my questions. The delivery time was fast and the price was very reasonable.I had a fantastic experience with this translation service and highly recommend it.

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Sally commented:

You guys should try this translation service. I sent them my materials and boom, they made them perfect in another language. It's like they have a secret superpower. I'm just amazed at their skills!

John commented:

Great translations!

Thomas D. commented:

When it comes to multi-lingua translation, no one comes close to these guys

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