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As we have started with our TranslateMedia review, our specialists have noticed that we are dealing with a British service (based in London) that focuses on creative translation and transcreation. They work with retail, travel, technology, finances, legal, and life sciences linguistic requests. What helps them stand apart is the presence of creative translation services. It means that they adapt given content to guarantee that brand messages are delivered correctly without style changes or tone. TranslateMedia offers extensive website translation, game localization services, CMS integration, copywriting, SEO guidance, PPC, audio assistance, and help with corporate communications.

Our experts have given TranslateMedia a detailed evaluation to determine how well they cope with specific services where one should go beyond mere translation. Speaking of their website, it is accurate and logical. Another interesting aspect is that they offer website content in English, French, German, Italian, Chinese (simplified), and Spanish. Considering that we are dealing with linguists, it is not frequent that our reviews encounter web content offerings in different languages. Browsing through the company’s website, one encounters a British phone number and the physical address in London where they are registered.

Prices for TranslateMedia Services

Here is where things get complex because there are no prices available anywhere until you contact TranslateMedia and reach the end of your request. As our experts turned to Translate Media reviews, they had no mention of prices. As we placed our order with this company, we had 0.08 GBP per word for the basic translation. SEO adjustment services became 0.04 GBP, yet they did not include editing or proofreading of any kind. When we came up to post-processing, it ended up with six hours of waiting because TranslateMedia could not find an available editor. Since they offer creative translations where editing is paramount, such an attitude is unacceptable.

Asking is it reliable, one cannot consider them safe because you never know your final price, especially if you need something like localization. As our experts placed a single translation request for a classic adjustment document, it has remained within typical costs. However, if someone has a fixed budget, it poses a problem because additional services appear overly expensive. We believe that proofreading should be a part of an average package since it’s handled this way elsewhere.

Delivery of Projects

Regarding timely delivery, TranslateMedia is not the best company to consider for urgent orders. It seems that they focus on long-term projects like website adjustment or business processing of manuals or media works. Our document has been translated timely but we had to wait for editing. It has been done by another translator who could not understand our original instructions. They haven’t been passed on for some reason, which resulted in a delay. When we asked for an explanation, their customer support has told us that they have a high workload, which affected final delivery.

Turning to reviews, we mostly encountered testimonials that had other problems as their clients did not mention late delivery times. If one considers that they do not have a clear scheme with proper internal management, this business is not the one to choose for important tasks. Our request has been fairly simple, containing basic language challenges, which has surprised our review team as we met a case of unprofessionalism. Looking for transcreation testimonials, we could not find any positive or negative feedback regarding quality or speed.

Review of Quality & Accuracy

TranslateMedia claims that machine translation is used at times to provide a rapid solution as it is mentioned. When our linguists checked the final document that has been provided, it contained at least sixty percent of machine translation. It resulted in an urgent necessity of additional editing because there were grammar, style, and even formatting issues. Asking for Chinese translation services for this review, meeting basic format was essential because it stood for tonal languages where accents had to be made. It wasn’t the case. What surprised us the most is how poor our paper has been composed with no indents, paragraphs, or basic glossary. When asked about it, customer support agent has told us that it will require an additional price. It had to be calculated based on an analysis of what we have provided.

Discussing transcreation services with company’s representatives for this review of TranslateMedia, we have been informed that machine translation is an important part of their work that cannot be avoided because no deadlines would be met otherwise. Even editing part that has been done contained mistakes that no professional would miss. According to our linguists, only human translation must be used for creative translation work as it’s a human contribution that always comes first.

Translate Media Review: Customer Satisfaction

There is a strange inconsistency between what TranslateMedia testimonials say on their website and the lack of sufficient online feedback or reviews that would be happy about services on offer. We could not find completely negative posts on Reddit as this company is mostly discussed when social media or advertising work is mentioned. There are no pages for Sitejabber or Trustpilot, which is a bit odd for a large global language business like that.

The only TranslateMedia reviews that we could find related to case study reviews provided on various pages related to technical subjects. Reading through these testimonials, one can see what has been done and how exactly it has helped to increase conversion rates or global exposure in a certain field. Our document has been far from being accurate for search engines even though it has been a Chinese document. Still, good translation websites achieve good results by applying human editing. As practice shows, only human translation allows being precise with technical subjects, which makes AI-based tools a strange choice.

Certified Translation Services

The contains information related to certificates based on classic standards that include ISO 18587 (machine translation post-editing services), ISO 9001 (an internationally recognized standard), and ISO 17100 (awarded by ATC). TranslateMedia mentions partnerships with Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Magento, and other big names in the industry.

Requesting the best medical translation services ended up with two days of waiting and a higher than usual price without specific certification. It must be said that medical documents should not contain machine translation in any form unless it stands for translation memory tools where standards are discussed. Other TranslateMedia reviews mention nautical and engineering subjects that have been done correctly. Taking a look at some websites that have been localized instantly reveals odd parts that look as if Google Translate has been implemented for tiny aspects like menus and advertisement tabs. They offer a plethora of additional services like voice-overs, business support for conferences, and social media monitoring, which relates to SEO processing more than to basic linguistic work. It may explain why asking for certification has resulted in a website reference where ISO standards are mentioned.

Translate Media Review: Cons and Pros

Summing things up, we can only give TranslateMedia 3 stars out of 5 because of machine translation issues and lack of any formatting based on our request. Although prices can be negotiated and there are numerous hard-to-find services, we cannot recommend this company when you need to get things done urgently or require human translation.

  • Pros

They have an extensive list of service and ISO certifications. It places them in a category of trusted language agencies. There is contact information and phone numbers for various global locations. They also offer rare services with audio content and have a good website structure.

  • Cons

Our TranslateMedia review team has encountered major formatting and style mistakes with our Chinese paper. The use of machine translation is the worst point, according to our specialists. What makes this service unreliable is its cryptic pricing scheme and additional costs for editing and formatting.

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Negative: I have to complain about this terrible translation service. I have a misunderstanding with customer support, seemed that they do not understand what I was writing.

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Zayden Wicks

doesn't recommended this service

Positive: we gave them a massive project for our app last week. they delivered this week with top level accuracy. we really can't thank them enough for fast turnaround and reasonable discount offer


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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: I received my ordered translation early in the morning. Thanks for the work sir. I appreciate the quick turnaround and discount too. You’re the best!

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Riccardo commented:

scam company that does not pick up the phone

Hendrix commented:

Guys, you are the worst translation company I dealt with ever!!!

Worst choice commented:

Maintained bad communication all through my encounter with them

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