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Planning Our TransPerfect Reviews

Seeing numerous controversial TransPerfect reviews and having been contacted by several of our visitors interested in it, we decided to investigate this company personally. Before we ordered translation services from it, which is our standard procedure, we strived to discover as much as we could about its background, management team, policies, and customer treatment. Unfortunately, things didn’t start off well as reviews we have seen revealed a large number of unhappy customers and disgruntled employees. The company is not accredited by the BBB, which also disappointed us. But the friendly communication improved our impression a bit, and we were eager to see the results of our major test.

So, what is TransPerfect? How trustworthy is it and how much would you have to pay for its assistance? To find out all these details for you, we’ve made an order in the sphere of legal translation, made payment, and then had Transperfect translation reviewed by an expert fluent in the target language. The following report will outline every step of our experience.

Services Offered at

This agency offers an admittedly wide variety of services. They include localization, translation, interpretation, recruiting and staffing, multicultural marketing, call-center support, training, e-learning, software localization, as well as testing. TransPerfect employees promise to work on your order personally or locate the best specialists who you could hire on a long-term basis. This impressed us because very few firms are capable of this, and none among the ones we’ve tested before. But quality tops quantity: it is an important principle since unless all these services are executed on a high level, there is simply no point in them. We couldn’t test them all, so we stopped at getting TransPerfect translation of an allegedly important document.

Technologies that are used by language experts include translator tools, machines, integration with CMS, and secure file storage mechanisms. Some of the industries they serve entail arts and entertainment, retail, finance, and many others, which is an additional plus. You’ll definitely be able to find the assistance you need here. According to our latest research, people face most issues when they want to get a text translated from German into some other language, for example, Italian translation. Intrigued by this finding, we placed an order to have a five-page legal German document translated into Italian.


There are no published prices on the site of this company, which is something many TransPerfect clients complain about. When you have an urgent project or try to find an agency with services you could afford, wasting time on sending clarification or free quote requests is frustrating and unproductive. Only after you submit your contact information to TransPerfect, you will receive a price quote based on the details of your project. We consider such practice unprofessional, so we marked it in our TransPerfect review as a drawback. After everything was settled, we ended up paying $0.14 for one word of content. When compared to other services, this price is quite excessive.

Quality As Focal Point of TransPerfect Review

All drawbacks can be alleviated if quality of the document is stellar. In turn, if the text is translated badly, all other advantages the firm can boast of pale in comparison. We felt like the balance was shifting as we waited. When our document arrived, we immediately sent it for professional evaluation. Good news is, it was submitted on time. The problem is, even though we specifically requested human translation, it was clear that a machine did the bulk of the work. There were many issues with incorrect or very awkward word usage, which tends to be a clear indication of automatic method of translation being used.

Our Italian speaking reviewer submitted a very detailed report with her feedback. Several key points from our original text were missing — it felt like either a machine omitted some bits, which happens occasionally or like a translator considered them unimportant and decided not to bother with them. Numerous other sentences were flawed: the way they sounded made it clear that while a translator might be German, Italian is evidently not the language they know well. It is understandable when large volumes of mechanical text are translated via machines, but in our case, it was inappropriate. Our document had only five pages and we paid for services of a human expert specifically. Needless to say, we weren’t impressed with the work we got, and we expressed our dissatisfaction through a revision request. It took awhile for the corrected document to be sent back to us. While it looked much better, it still wasn’t perfect. Many issues remained.

Pros & Cons of TransPerfect Translations

The following is a list of summarized pros and cons that we believe will help our readers make their decision.


  • Translation Available in a Wide Variety of Languages. This company supports many languages, so even if you need something rare, you’ll likely find it here.
  • Site That Is Easy to Use. All in all, is a place with a good and catchy design as well as clear service categories. You can visit it and you’ll immediately see everything you can get.
  • A Huge List of Service Offerings. Every possible language-related service is offered, which is a huge advantage.
  • Work Delivered on Time. Following deadlines is important. TransPerfect didn’t disappoint in this regard.


  • Poor Reputation Among Consumers & Translators. The number of thoughtful critical TransPerfect reviews from both clients and workers is worrisome.
  • Translation Quality is Poor. The results we got were rather unprofessional. If you need help with something less mainstream, like Polish translation services or Korean translation services, you should seek assistance elsewhere.
  • Excessively High Prices. TransPerfect Inc. sets prices that are too high: more than that, they simply don’t meet the level of quality delivered. You can find ways to translate legal documents for a much lower price and with far more effective results.
  • No Upfront Pricing. It is upsetting when you have to spend your time interacting with a firm you might not hire in the end.


Based on our review of TransPerfect company, we are forced to suggest that potential customers use it only if they have no other option. Quality of work is very poor for a company this large and seemingly experienced. Customer service was friendly, but it wasn’t enough to improve our final impression. Considering that other Trans Perfect reviews have serious consumer complaints and largely match our negative experience, we feel safe in stating that our case does not appear to be an isolated one. We also don’t believe that unhappy customers and employees appeared only due to some personal grudges. It seems like TransPerfect was flourishing one, but now it started moving in the wrong direction, and the results of this are unfortunate for the company and its clients both.

Fortunately, there are other high-quality translation services available, ones that hire and keep translators who are capable of doing their job professionally. We encourage you to look through the first positions in our best translation sites list: at least some of agencies should be able to meet your translation needs.

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Negative: I was so embarrassed to submit the document, you put me in an awkward position because I didn't have time to change anything... I did not expect this from you...

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Negative: The pricing of this translation service seemed attractive, but unfortunately, the quality did not match up. The translations were inconsistent, with occasional grammatical errors and awkward word choices. It's crucial for a translation service to provide accurate and polished translations, and I found this service lacking in that aspect.

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Positive: I am satisfied with the accuracy of the translation provided by this service, but in some places the translator could have provided more context to better understand the original text. And if the delivery had been faster it would have affected the overall impression of the service.

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Colette commented:

There website is easy to navigate and their services are decent.

Marine commented:

nice job guys

Natalie commented:

Enjoyed using their services. Looking forward to hiring them in the future.

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