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As we started with our TrustedTranslations review, we have been already familiar with this company and our experts received numerous appeals to review this translations agency. Turning to the service’s multilingual website, we can see that they offer eleven different languages that include Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and English. As our experts evaluated the quality, we have placed an order by approaching Spanish translation services. Since they have a separate website section for Spanish language services, it was only natural to check these out. As we aren’t affiliated with any service or advertisement agency, our experts provide you with an honest opinion as we evaluate factors like translation quality, speed, pricing scheme, customer support, timely delivery, and reliability.

The list of Trusted Translations linguistic services includes a wide range of language assistance like app localization, certified translations, desktop publishing, editing, expert reviews, human translation, interpretation, online marketing, multimedia services, phone interpretation, transcreation, transcription, and even Zoom conferences. According to TrustedTranslations, they have over 10,000 specialists and their clients include government agencies and various NGOs. It has helped our specialists to combine our personal experience with a plethora of testimonials available at TrustPilot for review purposes.


According to our document that has been translated and other reviews, this linguistic agency belongs to an affordable market niche. Still, they do not provide an approximate rate per word right away and one should always contact them for a free quote or study some factors that will affect the final price. These factors include the number of source words, complexity of what must be translated, language pair, and the urgency of requested document or website translation. An average for basic document translation would be $0.10 per word but it may change depending on complexity and things like a glossary or expert editing. It makes it rather complex to determine an approximate budget for a large project, which is why TrustedTranslations support recommended discussing things in advance over the phone or by approaching their online chat window.

Regarding localization services, prices start at $0.20 per word, which may be a bit expensive for multilingual websites, yet it is still more affordable than other services like birth certificate translation services or anything that has an extra urgency aspect involved.


The majority of reviews at TrustPilot claim that delivers document translations on time. Things are not so good with transcript translation services where some people faced delays in editing or formatting. It has affected the way how time has been allocated in a wrong way between the company’s management and the clients. Our experience has not been flawless as we also faced similar post-editing delays. Although we had two days before our specified deadline, five pages of Spanish text still required additional proofreading. This is where we had to wait for about five hours because editing by another person has been done incorrectly. It was mostly a technical issue because our instructions have been misunderstood.

Our experts would not say that this company has serious delivery issues, yet one should be ready to wait for up to five hours for post-editing services. The final document has been once again edited by our assigned expert who apologized for various flaws and quickly corrected relevant mistakes. The question arises: is it reliable? If you are planning to request something urgently, there might be some reliability issues that you should be aware of, especially if you require additional editing or encounter formatting mistakes.


Our Spanish translation has been mostly accurate with no serious grammar or style issues. It’s safe to assume that human translation has been involved as our experts found out that our content has been adjusted to stylistic peculiarities of Castellano or Castillian Spanish that is spoken primarily in the north of the country. We were happy to see that our text contained several slang expressions that have been included. It could have been good but our order for this review of TrustedTranslations contained specific instructions in terms of formatting that haven’t been followed. These were minor but a professional translation agency or a business that aims to be included in the best online translation services should take care of such encounters in the first place.

Exploring other TrustedTranslation reviews, our experts have learned that this service is mostly accurate but they have a serious problem with the inconsistency of what they claim about translator availability. Finding a specialist to work with certain language pairs may take some time, which is problematic for urgent orders.

TrustedTranslations Review: Customer Satisfaction

Our experts could encounter over one thousand reviews of TrustedTranslations at Reddit, Quora, company’s website, and TrustPilot. There are also negative reviews that are dealing with a medical Spanish-to-English translation. According to a person’s review, an individual has encountered late delivery and “horrible mistakes” related to incorrect use of medical terms and missed parts from original instructions. Some other reviews talk about the incorrect translation of simple things like country names or addresses. It resembles a possible proofreading error, which is an issue that we have encountered as well with our Spanish order. It has been corrected in our case but problems like that should not be there when dealing with linguistic agencies.

What makes things interesting is this service’s readiness to communicate with unsatisfied customers, which is why negative TrustedTranslation reviews that appear online are not deleted and left with some feedback from the company. It sounds like a good thing because it shows that they don’t ignore possible problems that may occur with any service.

Certified Translation Services

TrustedTranslation provides a separate section for certified services with an extensive list of linguistic subjects or areas where such assistance may be required. Since they deal with governmental agencies and provide help with visas, legal hearings, court archives, or academic certificates, a presence of relevant certification is paramount for success. Unlike some other services that our experts have reviewed in the past, we could not find specific certificates listed anywhere for this TrustedTranslations review. Discussing this matter with the company’s customer support has resulted in a somewhat angry response stating that their quality assistance team knows their job and will address any problem if and when it occurs.

Still, the majority of online reviews dealing with notarized translations and apostils talk about satisfactory quality and a rather good turnaround. The clients mention Spanish, Chinese, and Russian languages, which shows that they can deal with less common language pairs. If one gets lucky with finding an appropriate expert and can live with a slight delay during editing stage, this company might be a safe choice for certain scenarios.

Trusted Translations Review: Cons and Pros

Considering our experience and online reviews that have been carefully examined, we can give this service 3.5 stars out of 5. The main reasoning that guided our team was a mixture of decent quality, a wide range of services, affordability, and late delivery issues. One may safely place this service somewhere in the middle as Trusted Translations have a good potential and work at their problems by aiming to offer affordable and varied linguistic help.

  • Pros

They provide a broad spectrum of services that include language specifics’ considerations such as slang expressions or styles. Our experts have noted elements of human translation. The company has respectful specialists as has been the case with our Spanish translation for this review.

  • Cons

We have faced delays with timely editing, having to ask for an original translator because editor could not understand our initial instructors. Some reviews online mention a lack of accuracy in the translation of foreign medical terms. No list of certificates has been provided by customer support.

4 customer reviews of


doesn't recommended this service

Positive: 0

Negative: I didn't want to write a negative comment, but I have to... this service is fraudulent, there are no professionals here, they use an ordinary translator and charge for it! I would be happy if they would refund my money back.

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: -

Negative: I don't like writing bad reviews, but I couldn't help it here. I ordered a 10 page translation on history. All I had to do was translate 10 pages from English into Arabic. Not only were the translations shoddy and buggy, but the experience was incredibly frustrating. Communicating with the translator was difficult and often led to confusion and misunderstandings. The customer service was not helpful and no effort was made to resolve problems or provide any compensation. I wasted my time and money on this service and would never recommend it to anyone who needs quality translation.

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: I ordered a translation of a business document from Japanese to English from this service. Although the delivery time was fast, the quality of the translation was disappointing. There were many mistakes and inaccuracies... Despite contacting customer support, I did not receive any response, which was disappointing. The price was also higher than other translation agencies I have used before. I would not recommend this service to others.

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Deryl commented:

They don't care about quality or accuracy. My translatd documnt was a mess, with errors all over the place.

Octavia commented:

Customer support is slow and the quality is average. Will not use it again

Zoe commented:

The translator made many mistakes. I know Spanish but not fluent at it but still was managed to find mistakes!

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