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As we received multiple requests to look into this company, after a thorough analysis, we have prepared an authentic and unbiased Ubiqus review. This is a popular provider that offers online translation services, transcription, and interpretation. This company has been in the business for over 30 years now. It will help you to get a clear idea of how it functions and if Ubiqus translations are suitable for your needs. It has a global presence with offices in Asia, the United States, and Europe. While most of its online customer reviews are positive, let us see if it passes our review. 

Ubiqus Review: Types Of Services You Can Order 

Ubiqus offers all language assistance needed for various academic or business purposes. It provides its clients with several options to choose from. The company provides legal, medical, financial, and website localization. This can help your business to reach a global audience. Moreover, this company offers multimedia content (audio and video) localization, Japanese translation services, dubbing, transcriptions, etc. For medical emergencies, conferences, or legal cases, they also provide interpretation. During our review of Ubiqus, we placed an order with them for transcription to check their quality of work.

Prices And Add-ons

The reviewed company has personalized pricing options for its customers. As a result, you can choose a localization within your budget. Order price depends on several factors, such as the type of Ubiqus localization, its complexity, chosen language pair, and the delivery date. You can see your final pricing when you request a quote. It is worth noting that this company provides assistance at a costlier rate than other language providers. That said, their quality is top-notch, which makes it worth it. 

There are no hidden charges involved, so you do not need to be worried about paying extra money. While there are no extra charges, we realized we had to pay more for our transcription ordered from this provider when it could have been purchased for less from any other company. This is how honest our Ubiqus reviews are, as we only want to share facts. That said, we acknowledge that the delivered work was of high quality, and we may not have received such quality from any local provider. So, if you are looking for a lower price, this company may not fit your requirements. 

Service Quality

The company is widely known for its high-quality assistance. They only hire professionals. While they provide both human and automated translation, their experts go through the final work to rectify errors and maintain accuracy. You can also get top Czech translation services at Ubiqus. Most reviews of Ubiqus.com online suggest this is true, and this provider believes in delivering quality localization. Our opinion is no different as upon ordering from them, we received satisfactory work. 

Is Ubiqus.Com Review Reliable? 

Yes, our review is reliable and authentic. All our reviews are prepared after a thorough investigation and analysis by a team of experts. Our metrics to review any company include prices, quality, customer support, human experts, etc. We followed the same criteria to evaluate Ubiqus. We found that the company does stand by its values and principles and delivers what it promises to its customers. The work we received was accurate and authentic. It had no grammatical errors or other mistakes. Moreover, we received our order on time. When we contacted their customer support team, in case we encountered any problems, the team assured us of full support regarding Ubiqus translation services.

Pros and Cons 


  • Good quality. We were satisfied with the quality of work we received from Ubiqus. They focus on providing exactly what the customer wants. There are no errors, and every phrase is accurately translated. 
  • Experienced professionals. The company hires experienced human experts to localize any content. From multimedia to legal and medical content, their professionals are equipped to handle any challenge. 
  • 24X7 customer support. The best part about this agency is its customer care team's understanding and support. They are active 24x7 to resolve any customer queries. They also guarantee free revisions when you do not receive the required Ubiqus language solutions. 
  • Global presence. The company has been in the industry for almost three decades now. It has a vibrant presence worldwide, with well-established offices in the USA, Europe, and Asia. Clients from these countries can easily get an eLearning localization service to and from their local languages. It also has native speakers who know the linguistic and cultural requirements to make the outcome of localization flawless. This is why one can trust Ubiqus. It is globally present and caters to the needs of customers everywhere. We hope this review could answer the question “Ubiqus is it reliable?” and provide all the necessary facts.


  • Costly services. While there are many advantages to using this agency for its localization, one thing you cannot overlook is the fact that this company is quite costly. If you are someone with a budget constraint, you may not be advised to go for this provider and opt for some other agency that fits your budget better. However, if you choose to get their online translation services, you won't be disappointed with the result.

Finishing Our Ubiqus Review

Ubiqus is a global provider offering high-quality translation and localization solutions to several markets, such as legal, financial, automotive, etc. The company has experienced human translators with decades of experience in the field to double-check the work translated and localized by automated methods. Ubiqus language services are accurate and consistent because it uses human translators along with state-of-the-art translation technologies to minimize the scope of errors or inaccurate translations. However, you may find their pricing higher than that of your local providers. While their assistance may be overpriced compared to others in the market, the quality offered and a responsive customer care team make it all worth it. So, we would like to rate this company 3 out of 5 and place our recommendation without any doubts to students or professionals looking to get any content translated into their desired foreign language and/or reach a wider audience globally. This Ubiqus services review will help you decide which company to choose when it comes to getting accurate localization.

2 customer reviews of Ubiqus.com


doesn't recommended this service

Positive: -

Negative: I don't recommend this service at all... it is very expensive

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: My order was of OK quality but I definitely expected more from a professional company.

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Shane commented:

They can't follow basic grammar and spelling. It's like they use a drunken monkey to translate.

Jenna commented:

This company did not meet my high standards, I won't be returning since I expected better service.

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