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Universal Translation Services Reviews: How We Start

To create an objective evaluation, our team analyzed the existing Universal Translation Services reviews, assessed the website, range of offers, prices, as well as professionalism of this firm. Universal Translation is a global linguistic agency that claims to have been operating for 20 years, and it has offices in the United States and in Spain. It differs favorably from many other companies due to the fact that it is an ISO qualified service, meaning that its employees comply with top quality standards of the industry. The presence of certified translation services is essential for respectable agencies, so we were pleased to see that Universal Translation has this option and treats it seriously. Given that it operates on the transnational level, we did some legwork to create a detailed and comprehensive review that wouldn’t leave any important details out.

In particular, we tried to find answers to such questions as “is Universal Translation Services legit?” How much does it charge for its assistance? How reliable is it? After checking BBB, we found plenty of positive reviews about the firm. Most customers indicated a high level of satisfaction from hiring it. But on other platforms, there was more ambiguity present, so our team was curious to determine where the truth lies. Expert Review Team ordered the translation of a 4-page long document in the financial sphere and started waiting for results.

Options Offered by Universal Language Services, Inc

UniversalTranslation Services is a global provider that offers different kinds of assistance in the translation sector, including localization, certification, DTP services, and many others. Such diversity is a positive thing that raised our expectations. If an organization manages to work for this long and expand to this extent, then it must be doing something right. As we determined, it consists of numerous specialized translation departments that take up the tasks whenever the clients release the details about them. After this, the managers start searching for the appropriate specialists. This system functions swiftly — our translator was assigned to us less than an hour after we finalized order placement, and got a chance to discuss the details.

UniversalTranslation Services offers localization every time you order complex translation work, and it ranges from translating personal documents to video games and equipment documentation. Moreover, the company offers notarized translation and proofreading services in a variety of languages. More than 50 of them are covered, from rare to common ones, so you’re likely to find assistance with the pair you need. After this general analysis, we remained pleased with what we’ve found.

Prices and Add Ons

As Universal-Translation-Services reviews indicated, there is no clear table of prices located on the company’s website. They do have a page where they promise to disclose info about the costs, but they just have text upon text with nothing specifically stated. We were stubborn, though, and kept reading through every page, looking for numbers. In the end, we were even more confused because while some prices are disclosed, it’s done in a chaotic and contradictory manner. On the very bottom of one page, the firm promises that it charges $0.10 for one word. There is no information about languages that affect this price — translation from English into Chinese and Lithuanian cannot cost the same amount, for example, so the data is clearly not complete. On another page, we found the price of $15 per one page. Elsewhere, the price was stated to be $20. This confusion creates a negative impression because it seems like the company itself doesn’t know how much it’s charging its clients. Our team was very unsettled by this chaotic system and lack of clarity.

Our order was estimated at the price of $0.12 cents per word. It’s an average price, considering the selected sphere. Although there’s no transparency, the actual pricing system is adequate. Our deadline was 4 days: it might be viewed as urgent by some firms, but Universal Translation service didn’t think so. They didn’t increase the price and left it average. Also, you can order some additional features, like notarization, but clarify the price for it via online chat.

Level of Quality

To get a glimpse into the quality provided by Universal Translation services, we prepared a document along with an expert specializing in the requested target language. In particular, we asked for the rare option of English to Vietnamese translation services and paid what we were told. Our deadline wasn’t maintained, to our frustration. When an hour passed with no document, we asked for clarification. A few more hours later, we’ve got an apology and then nothing again. Finally, the next day, our order was ready, but we still don’t know what caused the delay because no explanation has been offered.

Still, while the service took more time than promised, the final product was mostly good. There were some errors, missing words, and strangely, even a sentence that wasn’t present in the original file. Seems like our translator was in the mood for creativity, which is frowned upon in the sphere like this. But overall, the translation was done well. Later we learned that two professional translators were working on it at the same time. It is a dubious decision, considering the small size of our order, but we didn’t notice any discrepancies in the writing style, so it didn’t become a problem. We still asked for revision because we wanted to check how this part of service operates. Unfortunately, the whole process dragged for days. Our request was granted after this, but when file was returned, it was virtually the same. This was a mark against the company.

Pros and Cons

Here’s a short description of top positive and negative sides we witnessed when cooperating with Universal Translation Services.


  • Interactive and easy-to-use website. Universal-translation-services.com has a pleasing design and an intuitive interface. There are many categories present, so you can just click on the one that interests you.
  • Quality translation. Quality of received work was good.
  • Affordable price. It fell into the market average.


  • Proofreading isn’t thorough enough. There were some small issues and a made-up sentence.
  • Limited support of languages in the chat. Having universal translators is a great advantage that helps the firm grow in size. But the support team we spoke to knew only English. They couldn’t understand us when we tried to ask them questions in Vietnamese. It might be a problem for those clients who don’t speak English freely.
  • Missed deadline. There was a one-day delay.
  • Failed revision. No changes have been made.

Conclusion to Universal Translation Services Review

To sum up our experience, we remained mostly satisfied. Universal Translation Services has been thorough on the part of translation, using two experts to work on our project to ensure that there are no errors in the final paper. There were still some mistakes, but they were minor. The revision request we placed led to nothing, though, and support team didn’t react to our questions as quickly as we would have preferred. The delay was also a serious problem. We do think that the pros outweigh the cons, so if you are looking for professional translation services, you can try this firm or you can look through other our reviews. We’ll be happy to help you find your perfect translation agency that will meet all your needs.

20 customer reviews of Universal-Translation-Services.com


doesn't recommended this service

Negative: If no stars were available that's what they'd get. They refused to return my money after they failed to disclose to me that they don't do wet ink signatures. Only to do electronic signatures. The department of state of Florida required wet ink signatures. The documents were worthless to process with the state of Florida apostles department. It was for apostles for documentation to get married in the country of Ecuador. They knew they didn't do that and I know they knew it was required for the state of Florida. Basically they stole my $110 dollars! I tried to dispute with my credit card company and was shocked some how they convinced them it was valid and was ok to steal my money! BUYER BEWARE from this company. Make sure you check everything before you move forward with any company hard lesson learned to me! I will be making reviews on all sites on the internet relating to this company and spreading the word. I'm very hopeful your business will suffer as a result. You messed with the wrong person I promise you. So sad a company like this one has to be so dishonest and not doing the right thing and refunding all my money! Have a good day!

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Rueben Joseph

recommended this service

Positive: One thing I loved about using their service was that they were consistent throughout. I gave them multiple projects and they delivered on deadline day with top quality. They also gave a kind gesture in form of a discount. Can't thank them enough tbh

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recommended this service

Positive: The order I placed was done for a low price and at a quick turnaround. I liked what I saw. I got the language I ordered. The translation was certified and notarized. Thank you very much

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Alessa commented:

I love the work they do. No complaints at all

Orlando commented:

I really enjoyed using their services. It's pleasing.

Shakira Edwards commented:

Love their customer care service, they are always willing and ready to help.

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