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Universal Translation Services is a global translation service, and it has offices in the United States and Spain. The service is different from thousands of other certified translation services out there, since it is an ISO qualified service, meaning that its employees and the service in entirety comply with quality standards in the translation industry. Given that the service is transnational, the process of coming up with a concise review for Universal Translation Services required us to do some legwork, which we undertook so that we could come up with a detailed and inclusive review that does not leave any important details out. This involved checking out the service on BBB. Our findings show that there are good reviews about the service, and most customers indicated a level of satisfaction with service rendered by Universal Translation Services. Further, the testimonials on their website suggest that the service is not worse off when it comes to service provision.

Services Offered

Universal Translation Services is a global service that offers an array of services in the translation space, which include professional translation services and DTP services. The service has a myriad of specialized translation departments that take up various translation tasks whenever clients place orders. Universal Translation Services also offers localization services when undertaking translation work, which ranges from translating personal documents to equipment documentation.

Moreover, Universal Translation Services com offers notarized translation services and proofreading services in any language. They also offer multilingual website translation and machine language translation services.

Prices and Add Ons

Universal Translation Services reviews cost 12 cents per word when it comes to translating documents from one language to another. Their price matches the quality of the work they provide, which we are going to analyze in a bit as well. We used their cost calculation tool to gauge their prices, and we uploaded a couple of documents and determined the price they charge per word as far as translation is concerned.

Quality of Services

To get a glimpse into the quality of the services they provide, we ordered a document. We placed an order for translation and asked for English to Vietnamese translation services. The document was a certificate of proof with essential details on it. While the service took their time to work on the document, the final product was not short of some small errors. However, the document was useful, because the service uses two professional translators per job, which is an excellent measure and practice in the translation domain.

Pros and Cons


  • Interactive and easy to use the website.
  • Stringent and rigorous translation process – 2 professional translators per job.


  • Erroneous terms and phrases in translated work.
  • Limited support of languages.


To sum this up, Universal Translation Services is thorough on the part of the translation, since they have a mechanism whereby two professional translators work on a particular job. This is done to ensure that there are no errors in the final work. However, it is worth noting that the service offers limited language support, and it is not comprehensive compared to other services when it comes to language pairs. If you are looking for a service that provides support for a wide variety of services, then you might want to scour the web or other reviews for services that are comprehensive and reliable on that front.

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: The driver's license translation was declined by the bureau because the signature wasn't of the translator but of the agency. And that's when their website says clearly: "Our translations are guaranteed to be accepted anywhere in the US"

Negative: /

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recommended this service

Positive: Received on time.

Negative: Turned out the translation I needed was available for machine processing only! They didn't have an expert to check it, at least!

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recommended this service

Positive: Rescued me, thanks. Their work is impressive and they even translate audio and video files.

Negative: Sadly, later I'll have to look for something else since they don't have all the languages I need.

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