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Hearing from our visitors is always a pleasure, and this time, their requests urged us to write USLanguageServices review. This company has an average length of experience. It’s been working for more than ten years; it has an office in Maryland, and it collected reviews from customers all over the world. Some large corporate clients like the US Army hired it, which impressed us. But close inspection painted a mixed picture. The company supports only 35 languages and specializes in two major services. It has low prices, but its quality differs from expert to expert. We placed an order for translation into Spanish, and it helped us figure out how trustworthy USLanguageServices is. Stay with us and learn how our experiment went before you risk hiring your own translator!

First Step in USLanguageServices Review: What Translating Options Are on Offer

Whenever we are looking for reliable online translation services for our visitors, we start with a website. It can tell a lot about how a company presents itself and what options it provides to its clients. US Language Services has a good-looking platform that offers lots of useful information. It describes what services are available, and unfortunately, the present choices disappointed us. You could order either a general or certified translation. There is no localization and no transcription, even though they are essential services that numerous clients are going to need. The fact that only 35 languages are covered is also underwhelming. In ten years, they could have hired enough people to support at least 100 languages. It doesn’t look like it wants to expand and evolve.

For the sake of our review, we decided to place a translation order. This lets us become clients and experience what we might as a customer. Since the choice was limited, we asked the company to adapt our healthcare research from English to Spanish. They gladly accepted our request and promised that it would be ready in one week.

How Much Does Translation Cost at USLanguageServices?

The price for translations varies across sectors, types, sizes, and deadlines. For example, by ordering birth certificate translation services, you’ll be paying more than if you were to ask for simple content adaptation. Certified assistance, orders with extra urgency — this is always more expensive, and you need to be prepared for it. But it doesn’t mean that agencies have a right to rip you off. Affordable prices exist, and USLanguageServices reviews were right when they praised the company for it. Here, clients pay to start with $0.12 per word for simple translating and $29 per page for certified help. We liked these costs because they fall into the average group. Based on them, we can say that the company pays its translators properly while also showing understanding to its customers. Our order cost us $180 for 1500 words. For high-quality nursing translation, this isn’t much.

Quality of Translations in This Language Agency

All positive aspects pale to nothing if the company cannot provide strong quality. USLanguageServices reviews are largely positive, and this made us hope that our translators would do a great job with an order, too. Alas, this is not what happened. Translation arrived when we expected it, so there were no issues with delivery, but its content had serious problems. At least five sentences were missing. Ten more were mistranslated, and the entire text had countless proofreading and sometimes even grammar errors. Yes, we’ve seen worse cases, but when you pay medical translation companies for their help, you expect professionalism and top quality.

Fortunately, US Language Services allows asking for revisions. We used this feature and voiced our dissatisfaction. Managers appeared reluctant at first, but they agreed that our project needs improvements. Our team has no idea whether we got the same translator or if the task was given to someone else, but the new results were much more pleasing. Proofreading mistakes disappeared, for the most part, sentences that were missing got their translation, and the language started sounding more smoothly. This second try produced the kind of quality we anticipated from the start.

Advantages versus Drawbacks

This part of USLanguageServices review is for those who need a quick and succinct assessment. During the research, we noticed multiple aspects that we didn’t mention above since the review would take more than ten pages in this case. Here they are.

Strong Sides

Affordable translating prices. There is no doubt that charges moderate amounts for its help. $0.12 for one word is a good offer: it’s not too low, which might be pleasant but suspicious, and it’s not too high. It benefits both clients and translators.

Great translators available. Our project was done well ultimately. As we mentioned in our review of USLanguageServices, it took more than one attempt for experts to get it right, but they succeeded in the end. Our work looked great and we had no complaints. Translation was accurate, grammar was correct, and language flowed comprehensively, even despite including complex medical terms and concep ts.

Positive reviews. Feedback from previous clients always helps to form the first impression. We read plenty of reviews before hiring the company, and they were mostly positive. Clients praise prices, professional approach, accurate translations, and friendly policies. Not all of them sound convincing, but they still contribute to their positive reputation.

Weak Sides

Few services offered. People frequently look for video game localization companies or agencies that could help them transcribe their audio or video recordings. Sadly, USLanguageServices won’t help them. It provides only general and certified translation, nothing else. It also works with 35 languages — this isn’t much, especially for clients with rare requests.

Quality is not always great. is it reliable? Most reviews will say yes, but our answer is, so-so. The company certainly has great experts who can provide excellent results, but not all of them are professional. Our first experience was negative because the text had multiple issues, problems with accuracy and grammar, as well as other inconsistencies. While the company improved it, later on, the first result still matters. If we needed help urgently and couldn’t wait for even one more day, we would have ended up with nothing.

Revisions might be slow. This problem is closely connected to the previous one. If your order is riddled with mistakes, you can place a revision request, but it might take Casinos for PlayStation days or even weeks for translators to fulfill it. Managers might pose a problem, too. In our case, they replied slowly and acted as if they had no desire to involve themselves in our matters. While they agreed that our complaints were justified later, this was still a stressful process.

Closing USLanguageServices Review with a Rating

At the end of our review, we reached a decision to give US Language Services 3.9 points out of five. It’s not a bad company: it charges affordable prices and provides decent quality. But it is not reliable. Its translators might let you down; managers don’t seem to enjoy dealing with revisions, and you can order only translations. If you require any other services, you won’t find them here. So, we cannot recommend US Language Services, but we also do not reject it entirely. If it works on improving and diversifying itself, it might earn a spot in our top recommendation lists. Meanwhile, keep reading our reviews — they’ll help you make only the best choices!

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Positive: The service was very helpful. I have ordered a Japanese translation and my writer proved to be a native speaker. She has completed the translation of my documents on time and with no mistakes. The translation is a bit pricey though, but it is worth paying, I guess. Thank you once again! ありがとうございました

Negative: -

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Linda commented:

The translation I got had some inconsistencies, I guess they do not have good Finnish translators, maybe others are better. I asked for a revision and got it on time.

Nick commented:

I guess the company is fine. I requested a quote for my translation and I received their reply very fast but it was a bit pricey for me. Maybe next time

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