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Xerox translates is a translation service that helps individuals and businesses to interpret and translate their documents from one language to another. Coming up with a comprehensive review for Xerox translates required us to look for information on the internet about the operations of Xerox translates, which would help us to build a case on the nature of their services. Xerox has different modus operandi when it comes to service delivery since it extends professional translation services via a variety of access points which include your smartphone, multipurpose printer, and your PC. The company is not on the BBB review website, and there were no client testimonials on their website from where we could extract meaningful information and insights into the nature and quality of the translation services offered by Xerox translates. Therefore, to gauge the quality of their services for review purposes, we had to place an order for professional document translation services in a bid to know the quality of their assistance.

Services Offered

Xerox offers a myriad of services in the translation space but does not have other offerings in other areas like DTP, localization services, or website translation. Xerox translates primarily offer translation services but does not support a majority of languages used in today’s world. While they offer their services to other businesses in various sectors and industries, they do not have a variety to offer, thanks to their concentration in the translation space.

For our review purposes, we ordered for document translation, and we settled for English to Chinese translation service. Xerox translates supporting translating a good number of languages into English, but it does not have adequate support for translating documents from English into other languages.

Prices and Add Ons

We also checked out the prices for translation services. has three levels of pricing, and these are express, professional, and expert. The express offering is fast yet affordable, while the professional offering is where a highly-trained individual handles your document, as opposed to express where machine translation and a human post-edit look at your document. The expert offers is where you receive high quality and specialized content, and experts and seasoned translators work on your document.

Quality of Services

Since there is no Xerox translates review on the BBB reviews website and there are no client testimonials on the site itself we took it to ourselves to learn more about the service and the quality of their products. Xerox offers their work on time and accurately, but they do not fully adhere to some rules or norms in the translation domain.

We gave the work from Xerox translates to our team of translators who are working on reviews, and they noted that there were some deficiencies in the work produced by Xerox translates. While minor errors do not have a significant impact, they could at times lead to severe misunderstandings and misinterpretation.

Pros and Cons

Bulleted pros and cons are more comfortable to look through and get information compared to comprehensive information in reviews and other articles. Pros and cons could help you to get a clear and accurate understanding of service before making a decision.


  • Different pricing plans.
  • Easy to use the website.


  • Limited support of languages.
  • No impeccable-quality translations.


In closing, it is worthy to note that there are many services on the web that provide quality translation at reasonable prices, and which have adequate and broad language support. Reading through the reviews could give you an insight into some of those services.

3 customer reviews of


doesn't recommended this service

Positive: Quick.. I guess

Negative: They cannot be trusted, they say that they can complete a 5 page technical paper within an hour. How is that even possible?

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recommended this service

Positive: Fast, thanks.

Negative: Not all languages available.

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Leon K.

recommended this service

Positive: As usual with services like this, you have to choose at least the medium pricing plan unless you want a crappy quality. It's like you're given a choice with no actual choice. Aside from that - OK.

Negative: -

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