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Starting Xerox Translates Review

Our audience members often ask to research a particular translation agency. Xerox Translates review wasn’t an exception: we’ve never heard about the focus of its assistance. Growing curious, we decided to start our exploration right away. To our surprise, we didn’t find out as much as we are used to when it comes to investigating similar firms. It’s unclear how long ago it was founded and whether it has physical offices anywhere. The complete composition of its management team also remains in the shadows. What we did learn is that this service helps individuals and businesses translate their content in various formats. Xerox has a specific distinction when it comes to service delivery since it extends professional assistance via a variety of access points, which include customers’ smartphone, multipurpose printer, and PC. It works with 55 000 online employees. This made us feel a little skeptical. For a company with a practically non-existing background to cooperate with this many people are strange at best. There is no guarantee that they have passed sufficient tests that would check their qualifications.

In the course of our Xerox Translates review, we discovered that this company is not featured on the BBB website, and there are no meaningful client testimonials from which we could extract useful information to understand the quality of offered translation services. To gauge it by ourselves, we decided to go directly for a testing part. We contacted the firm’s representatives and placed an order for professional document translation services in a bid to evaluate assistance we were going to receive.

Services Offered

Xerox website is very simple but is not sufficiently detailed. It doesn’t describe provided services, only mentions them briefly. Translations of different kinds along with localization are offered here. More than 40 languages are supported, so you could ask for expert help with direct translation or content adaptation in accordance with your target language. You can ask for Japanese, Vietnamese, English to Karenni translation. There are no offerings in areas like DTP, website translation, interpretation, or video work. New or small companies have few chances to expand quickly, and they have no way of ensuring effective provision of diverse services. Based on the lack of Xerox Translation reviews, the firm falls into this group. It primarily offers translation services, including certified but doesn’t support some popular languages that are utilized in today’s world. This company cannot meet other common needs of people dependent on linguistic assistance.

At the same time, this company provides help with digital and hard copy content. It supports more than 20 different file formats; in addition, it’s ready to deal with non-editable texts by changing their format personally. 10 major payment methods are proposed for your selection. For our review purposes, we settled on English to Chinese translation service. Here, we couldn’t help but notice that Xerox translates plenty of languages into English, but it doesn’t have adequate support for translating documents from English into other languages. At this stage, we had doubts about company, but were wondering what will happen next.

Prices of XeroxTranslates

As always, we checked prices for the provided services, and we were happy to see that they are disclosed openly. It’s an advantage confirming that this agency has nothing to hide. Xerox has three pricing levels, namely, express, professional, and expert ones. The express option is fast yet affordable: first, your text is translated via machine. Next, an editor proofreads it. It costs $0.08 for one word, which is the lowest price among the ones proposed. Professional layer means that a human expert translates and then edits the content, and price is $0.15. Expert level entails you receiving assistance from a highly-skilled expert who works with specialized content. If you want perfection and need help with complex terminology, you should select this tier. It costs $0.20. This knowledge allows concluding that Xerox translation is expensive. Normally, professional agencies ask for $0.08 for human translation, not machine one, so this company is something not everyone can afford.

Quality of Services

Xerox submitted our document on time, which we really appreciated. But of course, everything depends on quality, so we sent the file to our team of Chinese experts who assist in composing our reviews. After intense analysis, they shared their opinion. They noted that there were some deficiencies in the work produced by Xerox. While minor errors don’t have a significant impact, mistranslations lead to severe misunderstandings. That was the case with our file: it was flawed in too many places, showing that our translator didn’t fully follow rules and norms typical for quality work. So, we requested revision.

The team wasn’t annoyed with us — they were polite and understanding. They promised that our expert would correct everything. Three days later, a revised file arrived, but to our displeasure, it hadn't changed much. It looked more fluent from the point of grammar, but serious semantic mistakes were left. We were forced to admit that Xerox doesn’t provide quality assistance.

Pros & Cons

Seeing bulleted pros and cons is more convenient if you want to quickly check information we discovered in the process of our Xerox translation review. It could help you acquire a clearer and more accurate picture of how service functions.


  • Different pricing plans. You can pay less if your work has a lower complexity level.
  • Polite support team. These people will always assist you with all questions you have.


  • Limited support of services. Only translation and localization are provided.
  • Uninformative site. Missing information about Xerox background or services.
  • Low quality. Quality was much lower than expected. Revision didn’t help matters — some errors were removed, but more important ones remained.
  • High prices. Even the cheapest service in Xerox is expensive. Considering the quality they provide, such price is unjustified.

Final Thoughts

These are results of Xerox Translates reviews, and we encourage people to share their experience with this service. Since this agency is still operating and many asked for our opinion and professional review, it clearly draws clients’ attention, so at least some people must be their clients. Remember that the more reviews you write, the more influence on the company you have. If you voice your displeasure as we did, fewer individuals will try it, thus encouraging it to improve its performance and become more attentive when hiring new language experts. Good reviews, on the other hand, will expand the range of its customers.

In closing, it’s worth noting that there are many other services on the web that provide quality translation at reasonable prices. Lots of them have adequate and broad service & language support. Reading through our reviews may give you an insight into which agency to choose for your specific translation needs.

18 customer reviews of


doesn't recommended this service

Negative: The translation service was the worst I have ever experienced. They messed up my documents completely and made my life a nightmare.

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: No thanks to the work you guys did. The language I got wasn’t the language I ordered. I thought after charging so much from me and wasting my time, I would be getting real quality but no… I got unprofessional service instead.

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doesn't recommended this service

Positive: Would have rated them highly but low quality and high rate are a major problem of theirs and you can't look past that

Negative: -

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Amal commented:

Good services

Willis commented:

The quality was bad. I found lots of errors.

Santino Hutchinson commented:

Awful services. The freelancer I worked with wasn’t professional at all. He gave series of excuses and ended up delivering low quality.

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