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Best Detailed GMR Transcription Review

GMR Transcription company is quite popular among our readers. Many have requested us to write a GMR Transcription review, and our expert review team gladly did it. As always, they checked all areas of this company's operation, examined services, prices, and placed an order to see accuracy.

This company promises 100% human, US-based transcriptionists and guarantees 99% accuracy as well as assured data security. GMRTranscription reviews show that it has been active since 2004 and is based in Tustin, California. This company’s key service is transcription, but it also does translation, editing, proofreading.

To our surprise, GMR doesn’t have many reviews online. There are mostly positive reviews, with only several of them negative. That’s why our reviewers were expecting a good, consistent quality for our GMRTranscription review.

GMR Transcription Reviews of Services 

GMR Transcription offers several kinds of services. It isn’t limited to transcription, but it’s the main service, so people order it most. GMR boasts over 6.0 million minutes of recorded audio, which is a significant score. There are only U.S.-based transcribers in this company, which guarantees 99% accuracy.

GMR reviews show that this company offers services to many industries. There’s academic, legal, podcast, business, audio, video, interview, focus group, digital, insurance, government transcription. Also, this company does meetings, dictation, market research, voice, conference call, sermon, investigative, verbatim, or earnings call transcription. Services are available in English, Spanish, Mandarin, and Arabic.

Apart from transcription, there’s also translation to several languages. GMR company offers translation services for business with 99% accuracy and human translation. You can translate to or from Spanish, English, Arabic, Mandarin.

At GMR Transcription, customers may also order editor services that guarantee the accuracy, confidentiality, and fast turnaround. They can edit academic or any other form of documents and review their punctuation, capitalization, tense, verb, spelling, clarity, sentence structure. They are able to order business documents, market, author, Spanish editing and proofreading.

Prices & Add-Ons

At first glance, GMRTranscription doesn’t charge much from customers. The price is $1.25 per minute if the audio is of good quality and there are two speakers. This is the price for standard 3-5 turnaround time, which is more for voluminous files. Still, if audio or video is far from perfect hearing, prices begin to go up.

If there are more speakers, you pay an additional price per minute for each one. Plus, verbatim, correction of grammar, and time-code will raise your cost to $0.50 per minute. Also, if the audio is difficult, you may end up paying $1.75 a minute. So, if your recording has background noise, complicated scientific terminology, or speakers with heavy accents, prepare to pay more at GMR Transcription services.

If you decide to shorten your deadline and order the next day delivery, it will be $3 per minute. If you prefer the same-day delivery, this is even more costly at $3.50, which is reasonable. However, this is much higher than the marketing average, so you may end up spending a fortune on GMRtranscription.

For calculating the price of our order, our review team used a convenient online calculator on their site. They decided to order 45-minute technical language services, so we chose a “difficult audio” option and added grammar correction. Our order totaled $146, which is $3.2 per minute, which isn’t very affordable. Service Quality

According to customer reviews, this professional service provides both good and average results. While some customers are genuinely happy about the transcription they got, many point out that this service isn’t accurate enough and delivery is not the fastest. Read on to see what we’ve found out.

For our review, we uploaded a meeting recording where people were discussing IT-related matters. They had no accent, but it could require additional research because it was rich in technical details. We ordered a standard 3-5 days delivery option and the order came after 34 hours of delivery, which is not bad. Still, we know that at the other services, the delivery may be speedy even if you use the standard option. We received our order on time.

Concerning accuracy, we estimated it using the overall error rate. For example, we marked extra words, missing, or incorrect words as errors, and then calculated their percentage in the overall text. In our case, the transcript had 15.6% errors, which is rather high. This translation company states that it has human transcription, but after the received results, we doubted that. Everything from 3% to 10% is within the norm, but 15% seems to be a sign of machine work. We think that auto-generated machine transcription was lightly edited by a human, after which the result came to us.

Pros & Cons

The main pros of any transcription service are great speed and high accuracy rate. As for GMR, speed was on the positive side, but we cannot say the same about accuracy. We wish it was better, especially for the high price they have. Also, we found sign-up and ordering processes not quite convenient, so that’s another drawback of GMR Transcripts.


  • Great variety of services

  • On-time delivery

  • Convenient website

  • Friendly support


  • Mistakes in transcription

  • Expensive services

  • Complicated process of sign-up


GMRTranscription is a company that has been on the market for 16 years now. It provides mainly transcription services, but it’s possible to order translation, editing, or proofreading in Spanish, Arabic, and Mandarin. Unfortunately, there is no Russian or Korean translation service, so the language choice is scarce. The company employs transcribers in the U.S. and has headquarters in Tustin, California.

This transcription agency has mixed reviews, although most of them are positive. Customers feel that sometimes, there’s a lack of accuracy in transcription. We confirm their experience because our document had around 15% errors. That’s a very high percentage, so we concluded that GMR transcription jobs could use some machines at times.

Also, our review team didn’t like the very high pricing, which can be twice or even three times higher than average. The initial rate is $1.25, but after additional costs like a number of speakers or audio difficulty, you could pay much more. This is much higher than the average market price for transcription.

We wouldn’t say we were impressed with this service. As there are good reviews, we understand that some of the clients received error-free documents. We can only conclude that service quality is inconsistent, which is a major disadvantage for any service. Still, we cannot recommend it in our GMRTranscription review because of a low-accuracy text received.

15 customer reviews of


doesn't recommended this service

Negative: I ordered a translation for a marketing campaign quite recently and I want to share my opinion about this service. The translations I received from them were completely unbranded and made no sense in the context of the campaign. As far as I understood, the translator had no understanding of marketing and branding. I regret using this particular service.

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: The translation I ordered on this service went in the trash. Am I the only one who has such bad luck with these services? Can you please tell me where I can find a normal service? Because all I come across is a bunch of crap...

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recommended this service

Positive: I am finishing a foreign language. I really liked the work of the website translators, I wanted to try to cooperate with this company. At least as an assistant translator at first. At a minimum, I will improve my knowledge of English and German, rotating among professionals. I have already contacted them and will start working soon.

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Rahima commented:

quality is average and they didn’t help matters with their slow turnaround

Lois commented:

NO recommendations from me to you !!

Marc commented:

They made the deadline that I gave them

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