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Business Translation Services

With businesses extending their scope to the international level, many find it difficult to have an in-house translation team. Also it can be costly to train staff quickly enough to keep up with the growing needs of the company. This is where translation services come to help.

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Business Translation Services


As business go global, the issues of translation become a top priority. And most organizations are not large enough to have an in-house translation team that can accommodate their translation needs for every country into which they are moving. It only makes sense, from a cost and functional perspective, to employ the services of professional business translation services – services that have natives of the target countries and a background in business translation expertise.


The Importance of Getting It Right


When your business makes a decision to expand into global markets, you will have to consider how you will reach a market base in which language, customs, and cultures may be vastly different from yours. You will need to communicate with that base, whether it be clients, suppliers, or buyers, not to mention the increased responsibilities if you actually open up a facility in a foreign country and employ locals.

Considering the number of documents that may need to be translated, you can find yourself overwhelmed. Unless, of course, you find a business translation agency that has the experience and the translator expertise to serve you well.

Think about all of the potential documents, etc. that might have to be translated:

  1. You may want a website localized. This calls for major expertise on the part of a translator who is intimately knowledgeable about local cultural mores. You will need to watch everything from terminology, to visuals, and even colors. Nothing could be worse than offending local demographics with offensive text, pictures, etc.
  2. Don’t forget apps. In many countries, consumers and suppliers do business via their phones and apps. A website is great, but you will need an app too.
  3. Financial documents. If you are going to be partnering up with a local business in another country, they will likely want to see your financial records and reports. Likewise, if you establish a business in another country, there are a myriad of government regulations with which you must comply. Having financial documents translated accurately will be a must.
  4. Contracts and Agreements. Whether you are partnering or using local suppliers, attorneys, retailers, etc., you will need business document translation services with expertise, experience, and full attention to detail.
  5. Corporate communications. If you have an “arm” of any kind in a target country – a distribution center, for example – there will be the need to communicate on a regular basis with the local who are in charge of operations. Memos, reports, etc. must be accurately translated, so there are never mis-understandings.
  6. Human Resource Documents. If you have local employees, they need to understand the policies and procedures that relate to their employment. And again, there can be no mis-understandings due to poor translation.
  7. Brochures, Marketing Materials, and Advertisements. Like localization of a website, all materials that are for public consumption in a foreign language must be carefully localized.
  8. E-Learning Materials. If you have training and professional development for your employees in your native country/language, you will want that same training for your overseas employees. Have these materials translated properly will be key to their engagement and mastery.

What You Have the Right to Expect


As you look at translation agencies to meet your business English translation needs, you should expect the following:

  1. A company that has native translators in the target language who have experience in business translation work. And that may need to be specific to regions and countries. For example, business Spanish translation will differ for Spain and Latin-American countries.
  2. A company that is available 24 hour a day. Time zones being what they are, there may be a need for urgent services that honor a variety of them. You will want a service that can take your translation order at any time, day or night and get right on it.
  3. Manual translation that is only backed up by machine translation. Machine translation is good up to a point. But if there is not a real human to oversee and improve machine translations, then you are setting yourself up for failure. There are just too many nuances that machine translation does not catch and translate correctly.
  4. A company that back up translation with a second pair of eyes. It is one thing to have a professional business translator who is native to the target language. It is another to understand that mistakes can still be made. Business documents cannot afford mistakes. Any company you use should have backup editors to review all translated documents and materials. If you need to translate business to Spanish documents for your partners or employees in Argentina, for example, you will want native Argentinians both as translators and as editors.

Having a professional and reputable business “presence” in a foreign country can mean the difference between success and failure as you enter and grow in that market. Don’t leave your business translations to chance. Get the right agency with the right people to do the job.