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The increasing interest in GoTranscript review from our readers motivated us to focus our efforts on this company, and we didn’t regret it because we discovered some curious nuances about its work. This company appeared in 2005 in Scotland. It concentrated on audio transcription at first, but over the years, as it gained more clients, it developed a wider array of services.

Most GoTranscript reviews are positive. Based on them alone, the firm deserves to join the list of the best online translation services in the market. The problem is, it doesn’t feel like real people wrote them. These reviews sound similar and overly expressive — this is a red flag. Other factors confused our team: the website looked plain and outdated, like managers didn’t bother to update it since the day of founding the company. In addition, while the excerpts with praise from Forbes and The New York Times are impressive, no link or screenshot could help verify their authenticity. GoTranscript appeared lazy, and we weren’t sure what to think.

The Beginning of GoTranscript Review: Available Services

It’s great when clients have a rich selection of language options. Some might need eLearning translation services, while others could be satisfied with transcription: the more variants are present, the better. GoTranscript has expanded to a satisfying degree over almost two decades of its work. Transcription remains its major service: these transcribers support audio and video formats, which is highly convenient. You could order captioning, too, along with subtitles.

Clients could also ask for more basic GoTranscript translation services. These guys work with texts, and they cover over 70 languages, with turnaround ranging between 1 and 3 days. We liked such a variety, but reading about all these options wasn’t enough for our team. We wanted to gain personal experience and see if quality accompanied quantity. For that, we placed an order for audio transcription from German to English, and we asked for it to be delivered in 4 days.

Prices for Transcription Services at This Company

Prices always pose an issue to clients, and is not an exception here. People want to know if they’re about to lose a fortune from placing a simple order. How much a firm asks for its services can differ drastically based on numerous factors. Experienced multimedia localization companies tend to charge more than small agencies because they have teams of professionals ready. Young firms cannot boast of the same advantage.

To our surprise, Go Transcript breaks this pattern. It has an impressive experience, but despite spending so long in the market, it charges low rates for its help. The cost of transcription starts at $0.84 per minute here, while translation is only $0.07 per word. It’s much lower than you would pay in other similar firms, especially the ones with the same kind of background. We paid $10 for eleven minutes of German-to-English audio transcription, a small price that anyone would find affordable. Clients could get discounts that reach as much as 15%, but you need to place orders repeatedly for this. If GoTranscript transcribed over 2500 minutes to you, you’ll start paying less by 5% and so on. It’s not the best deal, but prices are already low enough, so discounts only make them sweeter.

Our Impressions & Reviews of Service Quality

Our transcription arrived to us on time. We liked this fact —timeliness always means a lot, and it shows that GoTranscript fulfills at least basic promises. Unfortunately, when we dived deeper and actually looked at transcription, our good mood plummeted down. Our transcriber made a huge number of mistakes, and if there was a proofreader present, which is another perk GoTranscript company allegedly guarantees, we certainly didn’t notice their work. Transcription didn’t sound like it was in English. Weird choice of structure, odd turns of phrases, typos, and grammar flaws were everywhere — we barely understood what the text was about. At least 20 seconds weren’t transcribed at all. This situation couldn’t stand because even though our order was small, we still paid money for it, and we expected better outcomes. No client should be in this position.

We complained and asked if the revision was possible. After endless debates, we got another transcriber who did much better work. There were still some typos, but they were insignificant. We finally recognized the text we wanted to be translated, and it was a complete version this time. So, is legit? Our experience shows that it has good transcribers, but it also employs terrible ones, and you never know which of them you’ll end up with. Some reviews we read echo our views. Clients complain about terrible English and claim that their experts barely know the languages they are working with. Most reviews are positive, sure, but with how enthusiastic and over-the-top they are, we have doubts regarding their authenticity.

GoTranscript: Is It Reliable? Find Out by Comparing Pros with Cons

All companies have their strengths and weaknesses. Even the best game localization services cannot be 100% perfect, but it’s an overall value that counts. Should you consider GoTranscript a reliable agency? We will summarize our findings in two lists: one mentions the positives, and the other focuses on the negatives. Study them and firm your own opinion.


  • Cheap prices for most services. As we mentioned in our GoTranscript services review, this company charges affordable prices for its help. In fact, we’d say that some of these prices are too low. Discounts make the offer even nicer.
  • Most reviews are positive. If you look online, you’ll find that the majority of reviews about this company are positive. This includes reviews from clients and employees alike.
  • Efficient revisions. If there is something wrong with your order, you can ask the GoTranscript team to revise it for you. Beware that it might not happen right away, though.
  • Good transcribers work here. At least some transcribers who work for GoTranscript are professionals. They can handle your order expertly.
  • Different language services available. Go Transcript translations differ in nature. Customers could ask for audio or video transcription, text translation, subtitles, etc.


  • Some transcribers are terrible. Not all transcribers are good, and as we saw from our experience, GoTranscript employs some of these. The first version of our project was disastrous, it didn’t meet any quality standards.
  • The site is outdated. The firm’s site is underwhelming, as we pointed out in our review of GoTranscript. It doesn’t look modern or enticing enough.
  • Multiple reviews look fake. While reviews about GoTranscript are positive, our team doubts their honesty. The majority didn’t pass our check: we believe most were written by managers for the fake boosting of the firm’s reputation.
  • Support team works too slowly. Operators are friendly, but talking to them might take ages, especially when you are trying to solve a problem.

Results of Our Assessment: Final Rating for GoTranscript

Our experience with GoTranscript localization was mixed. This isn’t a terrible company: it’s been around for many years, and it earned a lot of good reviews from its clients. It keeps its rates affordable, which is a plus. But sometimes, it fails orders catastrophically. Some of its employees have no idea what they are doing, and speaking with customer support representatives could take days. In the end, we give GoTranscript three stars out of five. It needs to get itself together and ensure consistent high quality for its client’s projects.

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Positive: GoTranscript provides decent transcription services with accurate results, but the turnaround time was longer than expected. Overall, a satisfactory experience, but improvements are needed for faster delivery. 3/5 stars.

Negative: slow delivery

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Linda commented:

oTranscript provides decent transcription service with accurate results. The platform is user-friendly and delivers on time. However, the pricing seems a bit high, and customer support could be more responsive.

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