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PickWriters review team always goes where our visitors call us. This is what inspired us to start Translation-services-USA review: more and more people started showing interest in this company, and we got dozens of questions about how reliable it is. We’ve already completed numerous best translation services reviews, and like always, we started with the basics. 

Translation Services USA was founded in 2002, so it has solid experience in translating field. For the most part, it functions on an online basis, but it has a physical office in New Jersey. The agency specializes mainly in general translation in 100 different languages, though it also covers a range of other popular linguistic services. For getting accurate results, we approached Translation-Services-USA as clients. We chatted with its support team, studied its rules, placed an order, and researched everything we could find, from background info to client reviews. They are mostly positive, but there aren’t as many of them as we would have preferred. If you’re planning on hiring this firm, here’s everything you’ll need to know.

Getting Started on Our Translation-Services-USA Review: Range of Services

The number of services this company offers is impressive. It caters to those who need translation, takes care of audio & video transcription, provides the best certified USCIS translation services, and ensures quality localization. In addition, there are interpreters available if you need someone to help you through a meeting or a phone call. People who create videos could ask for voice-over service, and if you aren’t certain that your project is fluent enough, experienced proofreaders will edit it.

Some Translation-services-USA reviews mentioned issues with transcription. It’s a complex and intricate process, and our review experts were curious how the company would handle another order like this. That’s why we decided to ask for audio transcription along with its translation. The size of project was about 10 minutes long, and we set a deadline for 15 days. Our impression was positive at this stage because clients have a chance to pick between all possible language services here.

Prices and Add On's

The first negative thing we noted in our Translation-services-USA review was that no prices are displayed on the website. It’s a problem because such an approach wastes the clients’ time. People looking for translation services are usually anxious: they want to be done with it as soon as possible, so they hope to find a great firm and place an order in minutes. With Translation Services USA, they’d have to share confidential details for getting a price quote and then wait for it. This quickly becomes frustrating, and our reviewers consider it an inappropriate business practice.  

After reading the available Translation Services USA reviews, we came to conclusion that translating help costs about $0.15 per one word. Our price for transcription was $3 per one minute of audio. It’s a lot, considering that our recording was of good quality, and we agreed to a lengthy deadline. This is another thing: you don’t get to set your deadline. The company makes its own offer, and you can either agree or try to bargain — if this is the case, your price will grow. There are no specific add-ons, but you could use the firm’s free translation tool. It’s generic, yet it could be useful if you’d like a choice between different online translators.  

Service Quality: How Good Is Translation Services USA?

Quality is the most important part of our review. All other benefits or drawbacks could pale in comparison to timely delivery and great level of translation. For instance, if we asked for Japanese translation but found the website uninformative, the operators uncommunicative, and prices high, it would matter only a little bit if we ended up getting the best Japanese translation services in the world. On the other hand, if everything is great, but translation isn’t accurate, you won’t be happy. According to reviews, the quality in this company depends on translators to a large extent. Some clients are very satisfied with their projects — in fact, some of them have been using the services here for more than 10 years. It’s a good sign. But other reviews express dissatisfaction and frustration because people didn’t receive what they paid for. The need for repeated revisions was cited as the most common problem. So, what was up with our order?  

Our experience with was mixed. Reviewers got our project on time, so no complaints there. But transcription itself had too many mistakes to call it professional. Some words the audio speaker said were mistranslated. Several sentences were missing, as if the person working on it didn’t care enough. Two constructions were downright awkward, so it looked like we didn’t get a native speaker as our expert. All in all, the job seemed rushed and superficial. For the price we paid, the lack of accuracy was even more astonishing. We asked for revision, but we had to wait for one more week until we got our order back again. This time, it was pretty good. Still, it didn’t change the fact that our review team didn’t get quality when they needed it.

Pros and Cons: Quick Summary

What were the pros and cons we noted in our review of TranslationServicesUSA? Some people don’t want to read lengthy analyses — they prefer to go through a checklist. That’s exactly what we’ve prepared!


  • Rich service diversity. Translation Services USA has an amazing array of services. You could ask for anything connected with translation, and you’ll get it. There are plenty of languages available, too, so your chances of finding the option you need are high.
  • Nice and helpful managers. Review team enjoyed talking with customer support representatives of this firm. They were polite, informative, and unobtrusive. When we had questions, they replied to them all — they recommended only relevant things and helped us make a choice.
  • Deliveries happen on time. These translators respect deadlines. Ours arrived timely and there were practically no complaints about it among other customers.


  • Prices are too high & not displayed openly. For learning how much you’ll be paying, you need to share details about your project and wait for a price quote. It’s calculated manually, so it might take a while. Prices are expensive. There is also no chat option, which could be a problem if you need an answer ASAP.
  • Quality is unstable. Translation Services USA has great experts, but there is no certainty you’ll get one. Some employees aren’t professional enough, meaning that clients need to use a revision option and ask for improvements.
  • Revisions take too much time. While revisions are effective, they don’t come quickly. If a person got their order on time, but it was flawed, they might have to wait for days or even a week until everything looks as it should.

Concluding Translation Services USA Review: What’s the Verdict?

After our top reviewers went through every stage of customer experience, we’ve concluded that Translation Services USA is a good company — but it’s not the best. It has some issues with consistency, and it should reevaluate its pricing policies. No one wants to pay a lot and then get an under-qualified person who won’t do their job right. Including a 24/7 chat would also be a good idea since many customers might have urgent questions.

So, is it reliable? Mostly. But you should keep the drawbacks we mentioned in mind — they might be acceptable to some people but not to others. If you’re interested in finding another company or the best video game localization services, read other PickWriters reviews, and you’ll find your perfect fit! We always work for your satisfaction, and we never stop exploring the options the translation market has to offer.

20 customer reviews of


doesn't recommended this service

Negative: Oh, how unlucky for me with this service... They really got on my nerves... First they pissed me off by turning in my translation a few weeks late, and then they pissed me off by saying that the translation was just of the lowest quality. When I contacted support they did not even try to help me with this problem, they just added them because I tried for a month to get my money back and they did not react to my messages.

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: When I ask for a quality translation, then it has to be quality!!! is that so hard for your service to understand???

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doesn't recommended this service

Negative: They took a very long time to answer my question. Because of this I had to go to another service. They decided to answer me in the evening, when I had already made an appointment with another service. They didn't even apologize or persuade me to continue working with them. I guess I was right not to trust them with my project.

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Hunter commented:

I can't believe I paid for this translation garbage. Save your brain and try using a better translator.

Howard commented:

I used them once and the quality was nice. It wasn't in the format I asked them, so I had to change it myself. Still, all my requirements were met

Gabija commented:

I wrote them via email but didn't get any response. So, I turned to another service. 2 days later they called me back, thanks for that. But response time should be faster

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