10 Reasons Why You Should Learn a Foreign Language (Infographic)

10 Reasons Why You Should Learn a Foreign Language (Infographic)

In a modern world borders are being erased and the need for learning a second language is less a convenience and more a necessity. Find out what significant advantages you will gain by learning another language!


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  • To make your resume more attractive for employers, as more than 50% of companies take language skills into account when hiring
  • To improve your professional skills and discover new career opportunities
  • To have business trips abroad


  • To broaden the horizons, to open your mind
  • To become more interesting person and meet new people
  • Bilingual people have 0.05 cubic millimeters more of gray matter in the parietal regions of their brains.

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  • To make your travels easier and more enjoyable (e.g. to order exactly what you want for lunch)
  • To understand different culture better and get the other point of view on your own culture
  • To show respect to country you came in

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  • To make new friends from different countries or even find your real love
  • 63% of bilinguals dating with someone who speaks another language
  • 270 British dating agencies agreed that people who speak a foreign language are more attractive


  • To take your chance to go to the best college
  • To get an internship abroad
  • Students show better results on the SATs when they learned a foreign language at least for one year. When they managed to study a language more than four years, the results of the test appear to be higher on hundred points.


  • The translated book retells you the understanding of this book by an interpreter, not an author. Find out the original meaning.
  • To review your favorite international movie to understand dialogues, phrases, jokes in their original language
  • To listen to music without consulting the top 10 translation services list and searching for a translator.


  • To get an extra money as a guide, a translator, writer.
  • According to statistics, people who know at least one foreign language, earn $128k more than people who don’t
  • Seize an opportunity


  • To expand skills like problem solving, coping with difficult tasks and situations
  • To reach self-discipline
  • A 2012 study published by Northwestern University established that bilinguals are able to pay attention for 20% longer on average than their one-language-speaking friends.

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  • "Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said.
  • The more languages you know, the better you can analyze your native one
  • The bigger your world is, the bigger your heart


Prove yourself you can do it!