Best Ways to Make Money Online

Best Ways to Make Money Online

Many people consider working from home because of various reasons. For some it is not convenient to travel to work, others seek flexibility and self-employment. Indeed, the internet is a perfect platform to make money anywhere in the world while not leaving the house. It means having an opportunity to live in an area where accommodation and other expenses are not high while raising as much as one would in a large city. Moreover, employment opportunities online are vast. Here is the list of the professions that are in high demand on the internet:

  • Web Designer

For those who are creative and are inclined to art, the profession of a web designer can be a tool for both earning money and making masterpieces. The responsibilities of a web designer include creating the visually appealing and comfortable to interact with website interfaces. It does not presuppose any coding or knowing HTML but the familiarity with the latter will be highly rewarded. A freelance web designer can find some job opportunities on many platforms including Dribble, Upwork, LinkedIn, and Toptal.

  • Content Writer

Many businesses now go online and they constantly need new content. The texts to write are various: from guest posts and product descriptions to SEO-texts and blogs. Some consider writing too hard, but in fact, with good language command and a little creativity, it is possible to make writing online a good source of income. This job can be very convenient for students as it allows to balance time between work and studies easily. Some of the platforms that offer jobs in freelance content writing are Upwork, iWriter, Constant Content, and BloggingPro.

  • Software Developer

There are many myths regarding this profession. But the truth is that with the basic computer science knowledge learned at school, it is possible to learn to code in a couple of months and start working. The prices in the industry vary and so does the complexity of the work. However, one should not expect to earn a fortune at the very beginning, but it is true that the earnings will increase rapidly with one’s proficiency. After creating a portfolio on GitHub freelance software developers can find good offers at, Upwork, Toptal, and Guru.

  • Customer Support Representative

The online services are on the rise and there is a growing demand for people who would communicate with the clients and assist them. The advantage of working as a customer support representative is that one does not need any special skills or field knowledge. Most of the companies offer their own training and onboarding. The requirements for this job are rather basic: decent typing rate, friendliness, and responsible attitude. Places to look for this job are vast, from LinkedIn to some general job-searching websites.

  • Digital Marketing Specialist

This is probably one of the newest professions that now gained huge popularity. Digital marketing specialists work with social media and design strategies to effectively advertise products or services online. If you love Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube you can try to learn how to sell goods with their help and make money on it. Digital marketing is a good niche since online advertisement booms and there will be a growing demand for specialists in this field. Job offers for this position can be found on freelance platforms and general job-searching websites

How to Make Money Writing

Language services are in high demand in the digital world. There are different career opportunities in this field and the good news is that many professions in the industry do not require any specific skills. Also, there are many technologies that assist writing specialists such as machine translation, spelling checkers, voice recognition tools, digital thesauruses, etc.

Making Money Online from Translation

This field offers work for specialists in translation. Often the prerequisite for such a job is not only knowledge of the foreign language but the actual ability to provide a sophisticated and meaningful translation. However, one can learn this skill by taking some online courses and a little practice. Best translation companies are most often needed for documents, marketing, and medical content.

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Make Money Online Through Transcription

This is one of the jobs that does not have any specific prerequisites so it can be suitable for anyone including students. One is required to listen to video and audio tracks and record what speakers are saying there. Depending on the type of transcription one also needs to indicate speakers, time frames, edit the transcription to make it clean, or provide it verbatim.

Proofreading and Editing Services

For those who are good at grammar and clear expression, proofreading and editing texts can be fun and a relatively easy job to do. What is often required in such services is improving the structure, correcting any grammar and style issues, and making the writing straight to the point.

Freelance Writing

If you are a freelance writer, you have an opportunity to learn a lot of new things while working and enjoy this creative process. Freelance writers often provide content for websites or blogs. You can also write texts on your own and sell them to news or other information portals.

Answering Questions Online

You feel smarter than Quora? Why not try to earn money by answering others’ questions. There are many services online like JustAnswer or FixYa where people pay you to help them figure out some things. Also, there are services that conduct market research, like Wonder where one is paid for answering some simple questions.

Desktop Publishing Services

This kind of work is calm and meditating. Desktop publishing includes services of text processing like text extraction from non-editable files, typesetting, design, preparation of files for print or for translating, and some more.

Creative Ways to Make Money Online

Art can be not only entertaining and relaxing but also highly paid. If you want to dare your inner artist, a good idea would be to try out an online creative job.

Sell Your Photographs

If people on Instagram marvel at your pics and your friends often ask you for a photo session maybe it is high time to start earning money on your photographs. This system works pretty easily: you submit your pictures on a website and the visitors will pay money to access and use the full-size picture.

Interior design services

Those who enjoy making beautiful houses in Sims might be interested in providing interior design services online. There are many platforms that connect designers to customers. You can create a portfolio and sign up on one or more such websites and create an interior design without leaving your room.

Marketing designer

If you are good at creating presentations, infographics, and the like, you can try out working as a marketing designer. You can work as a freelancer or as an employee working remotely for a specific company. This job only requires creativity, mastery of PowerPoint, and self-motivation.

Become a blogger

There might be something you would like to share with other people online. A good way to do this and earn money at the same time is by starting a blog. It can be about anything from training dogs to doing makeup. But in order to gain the audience, it should be original and interesting.

Become an Instagram influencer

Your Instagram profile is popular and you have many subscribers? Maybe you can try to become an Instagram influencer – a person who advertises goods and services in posts and stories. This might be a good way to make money, have a fun life, and gain more attention. Some of the Instagram influencers are not even people themselves but their pets. So if you have a funny cat, dog or alpaca do not miss the chance to monetize their cuteness.

Become a YouTuber

YouTube becomes one of the most popular streaming services online and the number of its users constantly increases. For those who feel confident in front of a camera, this might be a good platform to earn money. Your channel can be about anything from vlogs to chemical experiments and crazy challenges.

Design a Course and ShareYour Skills

Baking cakes, editing pictures in Photoshop, or linear algebra are all possible topics for creating one’s online course. If you feel that you have the knowledge you would like to share with other people, do not hesitate to create your online course, or even found your own learning platform.

Create Your Own Business Idea

Starting a business online can be a good first step on the way of one’s successful entrepreneurship. There are many ready-made ideas to embrace how to make money doing business online and there are many more to discover.

Do a Startup

Some simple and at the same time genius ideas for a startup can come up at any moment. If you do not have money to make your project come true, there are some options. You can try starting on a very small scale, which is not associated with any financial risks, or if the project is extensive and not scalable you can try some fundraisers like Kickstarter.

Create a Podcast

Podcasts now gain incredible popularity online, especially among young people. This kind of business is probably the easiest to arrange – you only need some good microphone and interesting topics to talk about. The streaming services such as Spotify or Apple Podcasts will take care of the rest.

Design an App

There is an interesting option for software developers: you can create your own mobile app and post it on AppStore or Play Market. If you are not familiar with coding but have a great idea for an app, you can outsource it from some freelance software engineer and make money from downloads of your app or its paid subscription.

Write an eBook

A good story makes a good book. Maybe you have one? You can write your own literary masterpiece and earn money from downloads of users on Amazon Kindle. It is much easier and faster than the traditional way of publishing when you have to convince the company that your book will have commercial success, which sometimes takes years.

It’s Time to Start

Working online does not mean having a temporary freelance job. Nowadays more and more people choose to work online and the internet job market is ever-growing. Making money online means having a source of income less vulnerable to any external circumstances, which offers more stability and safety and at the same time is much more flexible.