How Insurance Agents Can Use Language Services to Expand

How Independent Insurance Agents Can Use Language Services to Expand

There are many businesses in which the benefits of using language translation services are quite obvious. For example, it’s easy to think of dozens of reasons a travel firm might use a translation agency online. Of course, corporations with an international presence will need help translating documents. Even small, online retailers can have customers viewing their products from around the world. This alone justifies hiring a professional translation agency.

What may not be as obvious is the fact that small, independent, business owners can also benefit from language services. This includes locally owned businesses that may never serve anyone outside of the communities in which they are located. If you are an independent insurance agent, you may have never considered the benefits of translation until now. However, if you want your business to grow, it is definitely something to consider.

You Can Build Trust With Non-Native Speakers

Purchasing insurance is a big investment. For many people, the total cost of their insurance premiums represents a huge part of their budget. In some cases, this can exceed 50%. Then there is the fact that for some, insurance isn’t just a way to be covered in the event of accident, death or other misfortunate. It is also an investment in the future. Proceeds from life insurance could be a person’s only means of leaving an inheritance.

Anyone who has worked in insurance for any length of time knows that trust is key. If your customers cannot trust you to follow through on your word, educate them about coverage, help them when they need to make a claim, etc., you are sunk. When there is a language barrier, it can be even more difficult to establish trust. Translation services can help you to close the language gap and build trust right away.

Language Service Companies Can Offer Document Translation Services

Everyone knows that the process of buying insurance, renewing it, providing quotes, and processing claims are all paperwork heavy tasks. Now, imagine all of that plus the task of helping someone who is not a native speaker navigate all of that paperwork. That could take forever. Your option is to use a professional translation service. They can quickly translate any documents into any language pair, English to Turkish transltions or Japanese to English translation service is an easy task for them. This can significantly reduce the time and difficulty of completing these tasks.

You Can Market Your Agency to Community Members Who Speak Other Languages

Chances are, you are using advertising, your website, and social media to reach out to potential and existing customers. Unfortunately, you could be missing out on important target customers if you aren’t translating all of the marketing content your produce. For these purposes, we have selected a list of the best marketing translation services.

Within your community, there may be newspapers, newsletters, even radio broadcasts in other languages. If you take the time to work with a translation agency, you can easily expand your marketing efforts to reach out to people who speak other languages. Even better, if you are the first agent to make these efforts, you can get to new audiences before they do.
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Professional Agencies Can Help With Website Localization

If you are an online agent, your reach may spread across various cities and states. This means you could be getting visitors to your website that speak a variety of languages. More specifically, you could be gaining traction in geographical areas where other languages are quite popular. A good website localization company can help you to localize your website content so that it is as relevant to those audiences as possible.


Are you ready to see your insurance agency grow? Language translation services can help you to attract and meet the needs of entirely new customer segments. Check out what translation can do to help your business.