Top English-Speaking Countries to Visit

Top English-Speaking Countries to Visit

Although largely due to the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19, travel plans have to be postponed for later, it is always great to dream of or even plan your future journey better. Oftentimes, when you go on vacation, you might get stumbled upon the issue of choice. Today, the options for travel are many, yet, there are also lots of things to consider when going to a foreign country. Which city is the best choice for tourism? What places should you visit first? What language does the population of the country speak the most? Which countries speak English? 

The last question is especially important if you’re the United States traveler as, while lots of people speak English throughout the world, the chances of meeting them are quite thin considering the total population. Here, we have gathered the best English-speaking countries to visit considering the concentration of people speaking this language. We decided not to include the U.S.A. and Canada in this list as these are the most well-known countries speaking predominantly English. Thus, we offer you some truly alternative options.

English-Speaking Population

Being one of the most widespread languages in terms of total speakers, English is quite phenomenal for a variety of reasons. The language is currently very popular due to the United States’ global position as one of the economic leaders as well as the producer of some of the most popular products in entertainment, such as films, music, and video games. Although currently there are about 2 billion English speakers around the world, the number of native speakers of the language is considerably lower, totaling below 500 million. Some of the best English-speaking countries outside the U.S., Canada, and the UK, are in Europe. Finally, lots of these countries offer wonderful vacationing options, so they are totally worth visiting. 

While most of the countries on our list do not have English as their officially recognized language, the popularity of the language is extremely high. While some of the countries below were affected by the English-speaking colonization at some point, others simply learn English as the major second language at schools. In addition, the level of language proficiency in some of the countries may extremely high, while the number of speakers might be very low. So, let’s take a look at the countries that speak English and worth visiting someday!

The Best English-Friendly Countries

Now, the following list does not necessarily include all such countries and some may have gotten out, being replaced by the options we found better. It doesn’t mean that you are limited to the following options, yet, they will certainly be best if you don’t speak languages other than English much. Each country on the list has enough English speakers that are familiar with the language and will be able to accommodate your basic traveling needs, such as showing directions or passing the registration at the hotel lobby.

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#15. Hungary

Located in Eastern Europe, Hungary accounts for a little fewer than 10 million people living in the country. It is one of those countries, which speak English by quality, not quantity. Most people, of course, speak Hungarian as their native language. Although only 16% of the country’s population speak English, most of the speakers are highly proficient in the language and will be able to maintain a proper conversation with you in English.

#14. Germany

Being closer to the Western part of Europe, Germany accounts for about 83 million people in terms of population. In addition to the vast number of speakers, Germans appear to be fairly proficient in English as well. Certainly opening the list of the largest English-speaking countries, Germany can proudly state that about 80% of its population speak English well enough to accommodate the major tourist needs and maintain the conversation properly. One of the main reasons to visit Germany is to try local products, which are widely known in the world for its exquisite quality.

#13. Croatia

Getting back to Eastern Europe, Croatia is another tiny country, counting only about 4 million residents speaking predominantly Croatian, the official language. Yet, the country can certainly show off its number of English speakers reaching one of the highest rates in Eastern Europe of 80%. Some of the top reasons to visit Croatia are related to some of the best beaches near the warm Adriatic Sea.

#12. Belize

Found in the Caribbean Sea, Belize is one of the best English-speaking vacation destinations you can probably imagine. With only about 380,000 population, 82% of people speak English with it being the official language in the country. The main reason to visit Belize, of course, relies on its resemblance to paradise, with the sparkling sea, hot sun, and coconut trees around the beaches.

#11. Singapore

Located in maritime Southeastern Asia, Singapore is another English-speaking destination everyone should visit. With its population of about 5.6 million, about 83% speak English, largely because Singapore was once an English colony. Being one of many island countries in Asia, Singapore is worthy of visit due to its wonderful seaside views, colorful nightlife, and all the conveniences of the civilized world brought together in one place.

#10. Israel

Found in the Southern part of the Middle East and on the Eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Israel is certainly one of the best English-speaking countries to visit. With a population of 8.8 million, about 85% of people speak English quite fluently with Hebrew being the official language. Although Israel basically stands in the middle of a desert area, it is worth a visit. There you can witness the rapid development of one of the oldest civilizations, yet, one of the youngest countries in the world. On top of that, the seaside of Israel is truly amazing and can compete with the island countries on this list.

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#9. Denmark

Getting back to Western Europe, Denmark marks the 9th position on our list with 5.8 million population and 86% of English speakers. While Danish is the official language of the country, English is popular as it’s studied at schools as the second language and due to some similarities that can be found in Danish and English. Denmark is totally worth visiting due to its wonderful pastries and well-preserved historical heritage.

#8. Sweden

Being the Northeastern neighbor to Denmark, Sweden is another Scandinavian country that often tops the list of countries with most English speakers. Being twice as big as Denmark, Sweden accounts for about 10 million population, 86% of which speaks English very well. Just like with its Northern neighbor, Sweden’s second language at schools is English, which explains its popularity. In addition to its own pastries and Viking history, Sweden is also widely known for its balanced cool weather and wonderful architecture combining the historical and modern high-tech buildings.

#7. Bahamas

Located in the Caribbean Sea, Bahamas is another network of tiny islands that resemble the common depictions of paradise. With its population of about 385,000, 87% of English speakers, and English being an official language, the Bahamas are one of those English-speaking islands worth visiting for crystal clear waters and panoramic beaches. 

#6. Malta

Like other islands on our list, Malta is kind of a small paradise in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, just about 50 miles south of Italy. With a population of around 500,000, Malta has two official languages, Maltese and English. As the island was under British control, English is highly present in the country, with 88% residents speaking it fluently. In addition to picturesque views of the sea and wonderful beaches, Malta is also worth visiting for its ancient historical architecture and its unique blend with European culture.

#5. Norway

If you ever asked yourself, «what is the best English speaking country to live in?» the answer would be Norway if ever considered Europe. Being the Western neighbor of Sweden, Norway has a population of only about 5.5 million people, 90% out of which speak English fluently, due to it being the second language students learn at school. Just as with other Scandinavian countries, Norway has a strong heritage of the bright Viking history, as well as wonderful skiing sights and some of the most beautiful coastal towns.

#4. Netherlands

Scandinavian countries come in pairs on this list and the Netherlands goes together with Norway this time. Located West to Denmark, Netherlands accommodates 17.2 million Dutch people, despite being the smallest Scandinavian country. While the official language of the Netherlands is Dutch, about 90% of people will certainly understand and speak to back to you if you address them in English. Just like in Norway, the language is the second most widespread due to being studied at schools by most students throughout the country. Although the Netherlands is certainly not the cheapest English-speaking country to live in, it certainly offers a lot of fun for travelers with its old picturesque windmills, obsession with coffee, and, of course, the royal family.

#3. Palau

Located in the Western Pacific Ocean, straight to the East of the Philippines, Palau is another network of islands distant from all the worries of the civilized world. With a tiny population of about 18,000, the country contains one of the highest rates of English speakers reaching 92%. That is so because of the colonial influence on the islands that lasted for many decades and because English is recognized as one of the official languages of Palau, along with Palauan, Japanese, and several other local languages. Just like other island countries on our list, Palau is worth visiting to escape the worries of the modern world to the small paradise on Earth.

#2. Australia

The Largest English-Speaking Country (After U.S., Canada, and the UK)

Located on a whole continent by itself, Australia accommodates around 20 million people, 97% of whom speak English, for this is an official language in the country. Although Australia is often referred to as the country of spiders, sharks, and everything else that is trying to kill you, it has a lot of great stuff to offer too. That includes the stable warm weather, which is never too hot, great architecture (Sydney Opera House is worth a thousand world wonders), and all conveniences of the modern civilized world.

#1. New Zealand

Found about 1,200 miles to the East of Australia, New Zealand is one of the smallest English-speaking countries with one of the greatest percentage of English speakers. Being largely isolated from any other civilization, New Zealand could be one of the best English-speaking countries to live in for those who don’t like crowded places. Accommodating nearly 5 million people, the island’s rate of English-speaking population reaches as high as 98%. Taking all the greatest things from other island countries on the list and combining that with high quality of life, New Zealand is perhaps one of the best countries to live ever.

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Top English-Speaking Vacation Spots

So, the options to go on vacation are many, if you speak only or mostly English. The world is full of beautiful places and they don’t necessarily have to be located on paradise islands. Depending on your preferences, you can still stick with cool countries, such as Norway or Sweden. If you still prefer the paradise islands, there are lots of options to go to, from Belize to New Zealand to Palau to Malta