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List of the Best English-Speaking Countries to Visit

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No matter if you’re working from an office or in the comfort of your own home, the moment comes when you decide to sit back, relax, and choose a new travel destination. As easy as it may seem, your decision might be difficult to make when it comes to the language aspect of your trip.

You might be brave enough to try a ‘gracias’ from time to time but getting your message across might not be your forte. If this is the case, then rest assured! The following guide will help you choose the best English speaking countries to visit.

  1. Guyana

You may not have imagined Guyana to be on the list of English speaking countries, but this small neighbor of Venezuela is the only South American nation to have English as an official language. This dates back from when the British took over Guyana as a colony.

Although the country won its independence, English remained well embedded in its culture. If you decide to visit Guyana, keep your ears peeled! You may also hear a lot of Guyanese Creole, an English dialect of Caribbean influence.

  1. Belize

Although you might have expected Spanish to be the mandatory language for this Central American country, you will be surprised to find out that its official language is… guess? Yes, you’re right. It’s English!

Once known as British Honduras, Belize is actually a Commonwealth territory, under the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Although many of the locals also use Creole, you’ll be just fine with using English to explore the great Mayan ruins.

  1. Cayman Islands

On top of the list of English speaking vacation spots, these Caribbean Islands make it natural for anyone to enjoy a vacation here. The Caymans are a British Overseas Territory, thus sharing the same official language as the UK. The islands are well-known for their dreamy beach resorts and their great spots for diving and snorkeling.

  1. Sweden

Ever wondered what countries speak English in Europe? Well, besides England, of course. According to the EF English Proficiency Index which ranks countries by their English skills, Sweden claims the number 1 position for 2018.

Famous for its Viking culture, Sweden is definitely a wonderful travel destination. Here you’ll get the chance to explore great hiking trails and amazing museums.

  1. Malta

Soaking up in the Mediterranean sun while surrounded by a 90% English-speaking population might seem impossible. However, dreamy as it may sound, Malta is one of the places in Europe that speak English.

Although Maltese is a hybrid between Arabic and Sicilian, most of the locals also speak English. This is because Malta was once a British colony. If you wish to discover ancient temples, grand Baroque cathedrals, and extraordinary landscapes, Malta might be just the place for you.

  1. Philippines

This archipelagic country is one of the most visited English speaking countries in Asia. Here, Anglophones will have no problem speaking with… well, almost anyone. Most of the Filipinos have absolutely no problem with communicating in English.

Following America’s 50-year occupation, English remained a co-official language of the Philippines, alongside Tagalog. If you dream of visiting stunning tropical islands without buying a dictionary, this should be your next stop.

  1. Singapore

Given its past as a British colony, English is one of the four official languages of this prosperous, Southeast Asian country. It’s studied in school, alongside the three existing mother tongues: Malay, Tamil and Mandarin Chinese. So, if you decide to visit Singapore, you’ll be awed by their famous local foods and spectacular vertical gardens.

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  1. Nigeria

Besides its amazing shores, Nigeria also has an extraordinary linguistic landscape. Although there are about 500 languages spoken across the region, English remains the only official one, due to the British colonial influence. Here, exploring urban African mega-cities like Lagos or national parks like Yankari, will not require a phrasebook.

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The Bottom Line

If until now you imagined that a language barrier will keep you from going on great adventures, then now you know: there are plenty of English speaking countries to visit around the globe. Above, you can find 8 of the greatest travel destinations that do not require a dictionary. However, remember that the list is to be continued.