Top Location Independent Businesses That Need Translator

Top Location Independent Businesses That Need a Good Translator

Imagine being a self-employed location, independent worker. Now, imagine spending your days working with other like-minded professionals. If you are a professional translator, you can do that. Not only do you get to enjoy the benefits of being a digital nomad, there are other location independent workers, just like you, looking for freelance translators (also just like you). Check out this list of top location independent businesses where folks are always looking to hire a translator.

Writers And Bloggers

Writers and bloggers produce a variety of content. They write blog posts for themselves. Many also ghostwrite for others. They may also write web content, social media posts, and email newsletters. That’s just those who focus on the content marketing side of writing. Professional writers also produce magazines, newspaper articles, and ebooks.

In order to reach out to global audiences, writers and bloggers need professional translators. If you are fluent in more than one language and have great writing skills, reach out to writers and bloggers. You can earn money while helping them expand their audience and sell more books.

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E-commerce Business Owners

One of the perks of owning an e-commerce business is that you can earn the business of people from all over the world. However, in order to be a success, these entrepreneurs must be able to communicate with these global consumers. The best way to accomplish this is to have web content such as product descriptions and landing pages translated. It is for these reasons that e-commerce business owners often seek out business translation services. They know that doing business with someone in their own increases the likelihood that they will convert.

Travel Agents

Granted, this one might be a bit obvious. Still, it is an industry worthy of consideration if you are a professional translator. You can help travel agents and their clients navigate situations where language barriers cause issues. Travel agents often serve clients from across the globe. Your translation skills can ensure that every customer’s needs can be met.

Online Customer Support

Business owners who cannot afford full customer support teams, and who are unable to contract with call centers often need independent workers to help with customer support. Part of this work often involves following written scripts. In some cases, these scripts are used by customer service bots. When dealing with customers that speak multiple languages, these scripts must be localized and translated.


There are many situations in which a professional videographer would need the help of a translation professional. First, if you have a good speaking voice, your talents can be used to dub previously recorded videos into different languages. Professional translators can also help to create accurate subtitles. This helps to make videos more accessible to wider audiences.

Software And App Development

Software and app translation and localization services is a growing field. First, content within software packages and apps need to be localized and translated for users. Then there are the help manuals and online help scripts as well. Even the descriptions written for the App Store, Google Play, and other global marketplaces must be translated.

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Work Independently or Through an Agency

Now that you know where you can work as a location independent translator, a next step is deciding to work fully on your own or through a translation service. If you decide to work with a service, just be sure the translation company you select is reputable. You will be counting on them to bring you clients and for timely payment. Fortunately, there are several that have proven to be reliable for both translators and consumers.