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Certified Translation Services

Document translation is often a complex procedure involving deep expertise in the industry. Every other type of document requires specialized vocabulary. Thus, a degree in translation and language fluency doesn't always guarantee a person will be a good translator for this purpose. Here the PickWriters' team has collected services that follow a strict quality control and management system enhanced by an amazing track history.






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TheWordPoint is a skilled international translation company that provides certified translations at favorable prices within the shortest deadline. They offer various types of certified document translation in a wide selection of languages. From marriage-divorce certificates to business paperwork - you can count on them.

Certified Translation Services


What is a Certified Translation?

In short, a certified translation is any document that is accompanied by a signed statement from the translator, stating that the translation is complete and accurate.

It should also be understood that any individual translator or any translation service can “certify” a document in this way.

This should not be confused with a “certified translator.” For a specific translator to be certified, s/he has usually passed a certification exam in one or more countries.  Many organizations, such as the American Translation Association, offer certification exams in a number of languages. But a translator does not have to be “certified” to certify translations.


Difference Between Certification and Notarization


Yes, there is a difference. While certification simply attests to the fact that a translation is accurate, to the best of the translator’s knowledge, a notarization is an official certification that attests to the identity of the documents and/or the individuals who have sought those documents. Notarizations are required by governments and institutions in a number of instances.

Typical Documents that Require Certification and/or Notarization

Most local, state, regional, and national governments will require certified translations of the following translated documents:

  • Passports and visas
  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage and divorce certificates
  • Court judgments
  • Death certificates.
  • Background check certificates
  • Adoption documents

In addition to governments, educational institutions will require certified, and often notarized, translations of diplomas and degrees, transcripts, and even course descriptions. This requirement is typical when students wish to enroll in a college or university in another country.


Finding a Certified Translation Company


There is no such thing as a certified translation agency. An agency may have certified translation professionals on its staff, and it will be able to supply the necessary certification of a translated document. What you really want is an agency that will provide certification testaments and notarization, when required.

Beyond this, you want an agency that has a reputation for accuracy and whose translations are consistently accepted by those governmental agencies and institutions to which they are submitted. To determine this, you need to ask important questions of any agency you are considering:

  1. What is their track record of acceptance by governments and institutions?
  2. Do they have individual customers who have used their services and are satisfied with what they received? Will they give you contact information for some of these individuals so you can check references?
  3. Do they have certified translators who have passed exams in your target language(s)?
  4. Do they have notaries on board, in case notarization is required?
  5. Do they use only manual translators for these types of documents? This is pretty critical, because absolute accuracy is necessary. Machine translation technology is just not good enough yet.
  6. Will they provide a second translator to review and edit the original translation?
  7. Can they meet urgent deadlines in case you need a really rapid turnaround?

Other avenues of researching the best certified translation services are also available to you. There are translation service review sites that can provide objective, honest reviews that include feedback form actual customers. Checking these out will give you additional information that an agency may not want to give you.


Increased Demand for Certified Personal Translations


Given the amount of global travel today, individuals and entire families are relocating to foreign countries, for a variety of reasons. As well, families are adopting children from all over the world. People living in foreign countries get married, get divorced, and, unfortunately, even die and have wills. When they return to their own homeland, moreover, let’s say to the U.S., they will need certified English translation of any document that was prepared overseas in a foreign language.

As the demand for these services increase, so will the number of translation agencies. Many of them will be launched quickly in order to try to get a share of this growing market. Be certain that if you consider any translation agency, you find how long it has been in business. Those who set up shop quickly will not have had the time to find truly professional and experienced translators. This, you do not want.

Do your research, ask the right questions, and carefully check out any agency you are considering. Personal certified document translation is just too critical to leave anything to chance.